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What is the purpose of multiple alert styles and how do I use them?

Most people have new mail messages delivered to a single mailbox - usually their INBOX. On a POP3 server it can only be INBOX because there is only one remote mailbox. However, with IMAP, it is possible to have new messages delivered into other mailboxes - either personal mailboxes, or shared or public mailboxes. This may be the result of the user setting up some form of server-side filtering, or simply through public mailing lists being delivered into public or shared mailboxes.

When new mail is being delivered into more than INBOX, you will likely want to be notified of new mail arrival. One option to do that in Mulberry is to simply add these mailboxes to the 'Check Favourite' cabinet or to select them, click Details, and then turn on 'Check for New Mail with Style' in the mailbox properties dialog. This will cause those mailboxes, as well as INBOX, to be checked at the interval you have specified in the preferences.

Sometimes, the other mailboxes being checked are less important than say your INBOX, and you may prefer to have those checked at a longer interval than INBOX, or have them generate a different kind of notification. Mulberry lets you do this by providing the ability to setup multiple alert styles. An alert style lets you define what interval new mail checking is done at, how you are notified of the new mail, and lets you choose which set of mailboxes it applies to. The set of mailboxes is controlled through the use of the Cabinet feature in Mulberry.

To setup multiple alert styles do the following:

  1. Create a new Cabinet via the Cabinet popup in the server window. This cabinet will be used to contain the set of mailboxes to which the new alert style will apply. You can add mailboxes to the alert style by simply dragging them into this cabinet. Alternatively, turn on the 'Check for New Mail with Style' option in the mailbox properties dialog will add them too.
  2. Go to the Preferences and make sure its set to Advanced mode.
  3. Go to the Alerts preference panel.
  4. Click on the Style popup and select New.
  5. Enter a unique name for the new alert style and click OK (a good idea is to use the same name for the cabinet and alert style - though this is not required).
  6. Configure the check interval and notification options for the new alert style (e.g. use 30 minutes for less important mailboxes).
  7. Select the new cabinet created in step 1 via the 'Apply to Cabinet' popup.
  8. Click OK to exit the Preferences dialog.

Now those mailboxes that appear in the new cabinet will be used by the new alert style to notify you of new mail using the alert style's check interval and notification options.

Also note that the New Messages cabinet that is bult-in to Mulberry, will always contain the list of mailboxes known to have new mail in them. Thus its a good idea when you have more than one mailbox being checked for new mail, to have that cabinet open atthe top of your server window. That provides a quick way to see which mailboxes have new mail.

NB Site Administrator's can pre-configure multiple alert styles for end users using the Admin Tool.