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How do I make URL links launch an application when I click on them?

Mulberry can launch applications associated with URL schemes by using a mapping file that you provide for it. Mulberry looks for mapping files in the following locations (if they exist):


If more than one file exists, Mulberry reads in the entries in each file determined by the order above, and duplicate entries are replaced. Thus an entry in /etc/url.helpers will be overridden by an equivalent entry in ~/.url.helpers allowing users to override site defaults with their own settings, if required.

The mapping file has the following format for each line, which represents a single entry, and can include as many entries as needed:

<url_scheme> <tab> <command>

The URL can be substitued in the command by using the text %s.

For example:

http browser %s

This would launch the application browser when an http link is clicked in Mulberry. Mulberry passes the URL on the command line when launching the application.

You can use a scheme called '*' to match any scheme. This allows a 'generic' URL helper application to be launched if needed.