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How do I get a mailto URL in a browser to open a new draft in Mulberry?

You need to configure your browser (or other application) to launch an instance of Mulberry using the '-u' command line switch (type 'mulberry --help' for a list of command line switches available. Passing the url as the argument to the -u switch, causes Mulberry to create a new draft with the appropriate mailto URL information filled in. If Mulberry is not running at the time, it will launch and create the draft. If it is running at the time, a new draft will be created in the running instance.

e.g.: mulberry -u mailto:yy@example.com

NB Mulberry understands the extended mailto URL syntax so that you can set additional information:

e.g.: mulberry -u mailto:yy@example.com?subject=Mulberry%20is%20great