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Latest Releases

Mulberry v4.0.8

MulberryAdmin v4.0.2

Mac OS: Full Release History

v4.0.8: 21-February-2007

Minor Changes
  • Add option to automatically adjust timezones to new US rules as of March 2007.
  • Update built-in timezones to new rules for March 2007.

v4.0.7: 11-December-2006

Major Changes
  • Now built with Xcode and open-powerplant as a Universal binary (PPC and Intel native).
Minor Changes
  • bcc header will now appear in message pane summary headers if present (ticket #157).
  • Fixed bug with task scrolling (ticket #6).
  • Fixed bug with corrupt IMSP address entries preventing replies/forwards (ticket #155).
  • Fixed bug where copying to a mailbox with only 'a' rights would result in an error after a successful copy (ticket #134).
  • Fixed bug with click and drag of cursor above top line in text field (ticket #139).
  • Fixed bug with ordering of first/last names in addresses from OS X address book (ticket #123).
  • Fixed bug with parsing calendar lists from some CalDAV servers (ticket #133).

v4.0.6: 20-September-2006

Minor Changes
  • Number of messages to be expunged now reported in alert (ticket #74).
  • Fixed bug with incorrect online FAQ url (ticket #18).
  • Fixed bug with format=flowed delsp option (ticket #5).
  • Fixed bug with incorrect wrapping of References header (ticket #37).
  • Fixed bug with day of month controls in calendar recurrence dialog (ticket #7).
  • Fixed bug with deleting attendees from new event/todo dialog (ticket #4).
  • Fixed bug with monthly recurring events not appearing in January (ticket #10).

v4.0.5: 20-August-2006

Major Changes
  • Now under new ownership.
  • Registration requirement removed - Mulberry is now free.

v4.0.4: 29-September-2005

  • Fixed bug with drafts not being saved when closed.
  • Fixed bug with copy/paste in text causing crashes.
  • Fixed bug with size warning alert string.

v4.0.3: 19-August-2005

  • Added draft auto-save/recovery feature.
  • Attachments and files can be dragged into draft text to attach to draft.
  • Fixed bug with utf8 file names.
  • Fixed bug with cmd-right-arrow in text.
  • Fixed bug with option-arrow move by word in text.
  • Fixed bug with dragging into empty attachments list.
  • Fixed bug with word wrap when inserting space in first word on a line.
  • Fixed bug with titles in attachments list.
  • Fixed bug with case-insenstive test of http headers.
  • Fixed bug with tab at end of text.
  • Fixed bug with grey background on prints.
  • Fixed bug with 3-pane focus after switching email/contact/calendar modes.
  • Fixed bug with missing name on calendar attachments.

v4.0.2: 12-August-2005

  • Added new option to scroll mailbox pane to show new unseen messages.
  • Message size warning alert now /includes the numeric size of the message.
  • Fixed bug with webcal prompt when calendars disabled by admin.
  • Fixed bug with missing xml tag at start of xml document.
  • Fixed bug with HTTP servers that do not support OPTIONS method.
  • Fixed bug with CalDAV multiget report being run without any hrefs.
  • Fixed bug with empty quick search text causing a match operation.
  • Fixed bug with non-ascii signature files.
  • Fixed bug with PGP9 support.
  • Fixed bug with non-ascii characters in registration details.
  • Fixed bug with quick search saved search popup not updating when new saved search is created.
  • Fixed bug with curly quotes being sent in plain text messages.
  • Fixed bug with various text lists being truncated when saving preferences.
  • Fixed bug with a crash when sending a message.
  • Fixed bug with address book pane state not being saved.
  • Fixed bug with task status not changing when task is marked as completed.
  • Fixed bug with maring task complete via context menu.

v4.0.1: 29-July-2005

  • IMAP label names can now be customised.
  • New quick search active icon indicator added.
  • Calendar accounts can be dragged in calendar store view to re-order them.
  • New admin tool for v4.
  • Fixed bug with failure to print in the mailbox pane.
  • Fixed bug with missing items in help.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect version number.
  • Fixed bug with inline decrypt/verify not changing message text.
  • Fixed bug with quick search state restore when switching tabs.
  • Fixed bug with non-ascii characters in application path name.
  • Fixed bug with various edit fields in dialogs not being editable.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect wrapping when using certain fonts.
  • Fixed bug with crashes when replying/forwarding messages when the original message mailbox is reset.
  • Fixed bug with missing spelling plugin causing a crash in preferences dialog.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect line end encoding in generated iCalendar data.
  • Fixed bug with scroll bar arrows moving more than one line at a time.
  • Fixed bug with failure to expand multiple emails from OS X address book.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when an empty webcal URL was used.
  • Fixed bug with recurring calendar items not always including the initial instance in the recurrence set.
  • Fixed bug when dealing with x509 certs with multiple email addresses.
  • Fixed bugs with spelling checking of non-ascii text.

v4.0: 20-May-2005

  • Added support for local, http/webcal, WebDAV and CalDAV based calendaring.
  • Full unicode support, including two-byte script support.
  • Completely new set of 'modern' icons.
  • Configurable toolbars.
  • Mailbox pane quick search option.
  • Basic calendar scheduling via email (iMIP) support added.
  • New Draft window layout with simple Attachments list option instead of full parts.
  • Draft window now supports per-draft custom identity.
  • Various HCI changes to clean-up UI.
  • Tweaked default fonts for better sizes.
  • Added new button in mailbox Details dialog to force rebuild of local mailbox data.
  • Added 'All' rules toolbar button.
  • Added new 'Selection Only' search criteria for rules to ensure manually applied rule will only operate on selected messages.
  • Long/unicode file names for attachments etc now supported.
  • Added support RFC2231 encoding of MIME parameters.
  • Bounce command renamed to Redirect.
  • Spelling Options moved into preferences dialog.
  • Now picks up proper file icons from Finder in attachments lists.
  • New buttons added to address book pane for clearer operation.
  • Reworked draft window layout for cleaner UI shifting some controls to toolbar buttons.
  • Can view certificate of mailbox servers via Details dialog.
  • Added option to turn off LDAP lookups if a match in a local address book has been found.
  • Improved 8-bit header display fallback.
  • Added new option to do automatic connect when waking from sleep if active network adapter is found.
  • Fixed bugs with Font preferences panel.
  • Fixed bug with failure to read signature from a file.
  • Fixed bug with drafts not being marked as dirty and not doing save as when closed.
  • Fixed bug with =5F in q-p encoded MIME headers.
  • Fixed bug with behaviour of Move Now command.
  • Fixed bug with size of fields in spell add dialog.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect context menus in rules manager window.
  • Fixed bug with illegal sieve syntax when using grouped search criteria.
  • Fixed bug with file type display in edit mappings dialog.
  • Fixed bug with missing CA certs.
  • Fixed bug with crash when closing certain mailboxes.
  • Fixed bug with missing HTML4 entity mappings.
  • Fixed bug with saving attachments to pre-defined directory.
  • Fixed bug with use of temp files that can result in a hang.
  • Fixed bug with AppleSingle/Double encoding.
  • Fixed bug with improper transfer of real name when using admin configured version.
  • Fixed bug with inability to send when SMTP account is not properly set in identity.
  • Fixed bug with inability to drag attachments to the Finder.
  • Fixed bug with default preferences file name.
  • Fixed bug with failure to reset connection on initial timeout.
  • Fixed bug with address book delete not clearing out address book preview pane.
  • Fixed bug with mm/dd dd/mm date formats.
  • Fixed bug with generated HTML AHREFs.
  • Fixed bug with gpg v1.4 and key names.
  • Fixed bug with failure to include OS X address book multiple emails in address expansion.
  • Fixed bug with parsing URLs in HTML.
  • Fixed bug with keyboard shortcuts for 3-pane modes.
  • Fixed bug with useless preferences upgrade alert.
  • Fixed bug with failure to parse broken MIME parameter lists.
  • Fixed bug with address expansion of non-email addressees.
  • Fixed bug with address book capture popup in prefs.
  • Fixed bug with sounds being listed multiple times in sound popup.

v3.1.6: 25-June-2004

  • Added admin option to allow display of SSL connection state in startup dialog (on by default).
  • Fixed bug with activation of Update Match command.
  • Fixed bug with with inability to manipluate logging options when logging disabled on startup.
  • Fixed bug with crash when draft window fails to open properly.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect recent count after connection recovery.

v3.1.5: 26-May-2004

  • Fixed bug with memory leak.
  • Fixed bug with forward action using reply quoting preferences.
  • Fixed bug with crash when using LDAP.
  • Fixed bug with failure to mark messages as seen when closing a mailbox with expunge on close.

v3.1.4: 21-May-2004

  • Fixed bug with crash when manually decrypting in preview pane.
  • Fixed bug with double-escaping of characters in HTML quoted text.
  • Fixed bug with colouring of <!-- ... --> HTML comment tags.
  • Fixed bug causing an error when saving a sent copy of a forwarded message back to the original mailbox in disconnected mode.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when doing some header manipulation.
  • Fixed bug with failure to display renamed mailbox names in dynamic tabs.
  • Fixed bug with SIEVE require statements.
  • Fixed bug with failure to use server threading if only THREAD=REFERENCES is advertised.
  • Fixed bug with failure to update Window menu titles when message window changes.
  • Fixed bug with signature ruler indicator not aligning with typed text.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when replying and immediately clicking the mouse in the reply text.
  • Fixed bug with non-ascii characters in PGP passphrase.
  • Fixed bug with improper determination of normalised subject for matching.
  • Fixed bug with failure to reset message background colour in some cases.
  • Fixed bug with enriched->html conversion.
  • Fixed bug with doubling of blank lines when converting plain->enriched.
  • Fixed bug with files being left open when local mailbox error occurs.
  • Fixed bug with seen flag changing when restoring a message preview via tab switch.
  • Fixed bug with improper background colours in HTML.
  • Fixed bug with failure to do proper click-and-drag scrolling in text.
  • Fixed bug with escape key trigger delete actions.
  • Fixed bug with multiple addresses in mailto URLs.

v3.1.3: 22-April-2004

  • Draft parts expands when forwarding a message that results in more than one part.
  • Added support for SIEVE vacation action.
  • Added new context menu for clicks on URLs.
  • Added new preference to set a minimum font size for use in displaying styled text.
  • Added new preference to prevent styling of text for html or enriched messages displayed in the Formatted mode.
  • No longer breaks long lines without spaces when wrapping message text.
  • Added option to forward options dialog to allow choice of quoting selected text or entire text.
  • Added support for groups in OS X address book.
  • Styled text is preserved when replying or forwarding as styled text.
  • SMTP account in identities can now be inherited.
  • Fixed bug with DIGEST-MD5 with IMSP.
  • Fixed bug with window positioning with multiple monitors.
  • Fixed bug with extra sort/thread operation when closing a mailbox.
  • Fixed bug with IMAP errors when recovering from connection failure and mailbox has shrunk.
  • Fixed bug with SIEVE matches comparator not being saved/restored properly.
  • Fixed bug with failure to select PGP or GPG properly when decrypting/verifying.
  • Fixed bug with extra decode of HTML URLs.
  • Fixed bug with crash after displaying SIEVE rules as script elements.
  • Fixed bug with failure to properly display [image] indicators in HTML.
  • Fixed bug with double address resolution when tabbing out of address field.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when using Mulberry Support item in Help menu.
  • Fixed bug with failure to do content-transfer decoding on PGP signature parts.
  • Fixed bugs with text/enriched display and generation.
  • Fixed bug with redraw failures after verify decrypt.
  • Fixed bug with failure to quickly stop new mail checking when quitting.
  • Fixed bug with duplicate message-ids when messages are sent rapidly one after another.
  • Fixed bug with inactive windows after save as operation.

v3.1.2: 13-February-2004

  • Fixed bug with plugin registration on OS 9.
  • Fixed bug with improper AddressBook.framework name on OS X.
  • Fixed bug with double-scroll when using spacebar in message preview.
  • Fixed bug causing an occasional crash when sending.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect server name being tested against SSL certificate when Kerberos or GSSAPI is in use.
  • Fixed bug with Kerberos/GSSAPI authentication panels not initialising properly.
  • Fixed bug with long SMTP send causing failures when entering disconnected mode.

v3.1.1: 16-January-2004

  • Added admin option to configure support email address.
  • Added admin option for Kerberos V4 -> GSSAPI upgrade.
  • Added mailbox tab popup menu options for saving/restoring entire tab list.
  • Added mailbox tab popup option to local all tabs.
  • Added admin option to allow crypto plugin pre-registration.
  • Added option to remove plugin when registration prompt appears.
  • Changed text on 'Waiting for Network' dialog.
  • Added warning when files are attached via an extended mailto URL.
  • Added option to message pane context menu to view the current part externally.
  • Added a bunch of new root certificates to crypto installer.
  • Fixed bug with local mailbox line end characters not being set via prefs.
  • Fixed bug with fgailure to downgrade to LDAPv2 when LDAPv3 fails.
  • Fixed bug with draft button not honoring tied identity when mailbox hierarchy selected in server pane.
  • Fixed bug with hang when using STARTTLS with ACAP.
  • Fixed bug with spurious crashes in server pane.
  • Fixed bug with crash when replying to a message with no viewable parts.
  • Fixed bug with failure to inherit tied identities for new drafts in server pane.
  • Fixed bug with SIEVE 'starts with' comparator not being restored from prefs.
  • Fixed bug with OS X address book entries with multi-valued email addresses.
  • Fixed bug with failure to update Window menu items when switching connected state.
  • Fixed bug with spell-as-you-type offset errors when text block is inserted.\
  • Fixed bug with failure to open IMSP address books when address has ] character in it.
  • Fixed bug with certificate address comparisons when server address has a port number in it in the prefs.
  • Fixed bug with messed up mailbox hierarchy when switching between 3-pane and 1-pane modes.
  • Fixed bug with disconnected use of IMSP prefs when IMSP account name is not the default.
  • Fixed bug with loss of temporary directory in OS X 10.3.
  • Fixed bug with failure to open mailboxes on a locked volume (e.g. CD).
  • Fixed bug with SIEVE reject action being lost when read back from prefs.
  • Fixed bug with slow hierarchy expansion when doing drag & drop.
  • Fixed bug with hierarchy expansion during drag and drop causing a crash.

v3.1: 5-November-2003

  • Added S/MIME plugin for S/MIME cryptography support.
  • Added PGP8 plugin for PGP Corp.’s PGP v8 release.
  • Added support for SSL client-side certificate authentication.
  • Updated to LDAPv3 with SSL support.
  • Added support for up to 8 user-defined labels on messages.
  • Integrated support for Mac OS X address book.
  • Added synchronisation state information to mailbox Details dialog.
  • Added synchronisation state information to detailed message tooltips.
  • Added Admin Toolkit option for disabling of Reject command.
  • Added mailbox name to expunge confirmation alert.
  • Added quick select buttons to addressing dialog used in the address book.
  • Added new option to close a message when deleted even when open deleted message option is on.
  • Added new print captions option to automatically print a set of summary headers at the top of the first printed page.
  • Added new ‘first name’ items to reply/forward attribution templates.
  • Added option to automatically remove sig-dashed signatures from reply quotations.
  • Added option to automatically insert sig-dashes into all signatures when inserted into a draft.
  • Added shift-space shortcut to scroll back in message preview pane.
  • Added Close Others command to mailbox tabs menu.
  • Draft parts pane now auto-expands and selects newly attached items.
  • Added Admin Toolkit option to allow auto-creation of arbitrary mailboxes.
  • Now automatically strips off trailing ‘:’ if used in Header search criterion.
  • Can now negate Header search criterion by prepending a ‘!’ to the header name.
  • Now scrolls when HTML relative/internal links are clicked.
  • Added support for getting signatures from files.
  • Mailbox tabs now display an icon when mailbox has new mail.
  • Added new verify/decrypt result pane to message pane.
  • Added preference to allow default sign crypto plugin to be chosen.
  • Added certificate manager dialog for importing, viewing, deleting certificates.
  • Now shows full email address in detailed tooltips.
  • Local mailboxes with arbitrary line end formats can now be used without the need to set the format popup in the local account preferences.
  • Added new option to allow mailbox tied identity to be automatically inherited by child mailboxes.
  • Added option to allow searches to negate search set criteria.
  • Added new address book column/sort to allow for proper sorting of names in Last, First format.
  • Percent progress indicator for large attachment downoads now displayed in status line.
  • Improved behaviour of name sorting in address books.
  • Command key down during startup will result in connect/disconnect prompt.
  • Now displays a warning when try to respond to an encrypted message without encrypting the response.
  • Added missing attachment warning when certain words (set via preferences) are detected in a draft (text or subject) but no attachments are present.
  • Added checkbox to some Ok/Cancel alerts to change the preference controlling whether that alert appears.
  • Added single key shortcuts for commands in various panes.
  • Added rules import/export capability.
  • Added ability to create nested (parenthesized) search sub-expressions within a single search.
  • Search window is now resizeable.
  • Rules dialog window is now resizeable.
  • Improved anti-aliased text for list views on OS X.
  • Added optional alert to allow replies to be converted into non-replies (new thread), if the reply subject was changed.
  • Added preference to control whether logs are overwritten on startup.
  • Added new option to prevent new message preview when first opening a mailbox.
  • New key shortcuts for entire thread operations and matching.
  • Names of mailboxes are now displayed in mailbox delete alert.
  • Added new preference for warning when marking all messages as seen.
  • Fixed bug with failure to allow import into a draft of some file types on OS X.
  • Fixed bug with search sets display in Match dialog.
  • Fixed bug with parts expanding and becoming visible in preview even though parts display is turned off.
  • Fixed bug with failure to rename local mailbox directories.
  • Fixed bug with reply address choice when using broken IMAP servers.
  • Fixed bug with two letter abbreviations in spell-as-you-type.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect icon in ManageSIEVE password dialog.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when connection loss occurs whilst reply addressing dialog is displayed.
  • Fixed bug with failure to activate Write button in rules manager toolbar.
  • Fixed bug with failure to properly display open state of all instances of a mailbox in the server pane.
  • Fixed bug with DIGEST-MD5 authentication and ACAP.
  • Fixed bug with parsing ACAP entries.
  • Fixed bug with selection in both single and group lists in address book being used to address a new draft.
  • Fixed bug with text attachments using unix line end conventions.
  • Fixed bug with failure to recognise sound files with .aif file name extension.
  • Fixed bug with crash when quitting after displaying a mailbox sub-hierarchy.
  • Fixed bug with failure to properly replace all when spelling.
  • Fixed bug with spell checking stopping when certain text is encountered.
  • Fixed bug in which remote account creation was allowed even when remote prefs was disabled via Admin Toolkit.
  • Fixed bug with failure to scroll panes when doing drag & drop on OS X.
  • Fixed bug with modification of clipboard when doing smart URL paste.
  • Fixed bug with mailbox list processing.
  • Fixed bug with crash when SSL is not present.
  • Fixed bug with message copies failing silently.
  • Fixed bug with failure to display SMTP account name in SMTP network error alerts.
  • Fixed bug with crashes whilst playing alert sounds.
  • Fixed bug with unwanted sort/thread when opening a mailbox with a Match applied.
  • Fixed bug with support message generating garbled support info when styled text composition is the default.
  • Fixed bug with failure verify/decrypt message/rfc822 parts.
  • Fixed bug with failure to show raw message data on message/rfc822 parts.
  • Fixed bug with corruption of the clipboard after pasting a URL into a draft.
  • Fixed bug with failure to get new Kerberos tickets when they expire whilst Mulberry is running.
  • Fixed bug with forward/bounce breaking digital signatures.
  • Fixed bug with failure to allow mailbox properties on directory objects.
  • Fixed bug with items in spell check add word dialog being off by one.
  • Fixed bug with insertion of unwanted blank lines when auto-signature insert is off.
  • Fixed bug with failure to save/restore address book window state.
  • Fixed bug with failure to display HTML content when </HEAD> tag was missing.
  • Fixed bug with failure to change tab name when mailbox is renamed.
  • Fixed bug with limited spell-as-you-type suggestions.
  • Fixed bug with failure to account for port numbers in server addresses when admin locked domain option is used.
  • Fixed bug with seen flag being set in a raw message preview, even though seen flag change is turned off.
  • Fixed bug in which window title changes do not update Window menu items.
  • Fixed bug with ACAP address expansions/search returning a child address book name.
  • Fixed bug with some Outgoing preferences panel items being switched.
  • Fixed bug with Exchange server and Blackberry use.
  • Fixed bug with email address being used as display name in address headers.
  • Fixed bug with illegal sequence numbers when expunge occurs in a rule.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when rules are edited whilst rules are being executed.
  • Fixed bug with a drag-and-drop operation failure causing a crash shortly after.
  • Fixed bug with creation of local mailbox preventing certain operations on that mailbox.
  • Fixed bug with failure to handle relative HTML anchors.
  • Fixed bug with mailbox browse dialog not appearing.
  • Fixed bug with failure to display progress when downloading POP messages.
  • Fixed bug with SIEVE action fileinto mailbox popup not working.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect charset descriptor in draft parts properties dialog.
  • Fixed bug with extra blank lines being added to the end of a Send Again draft.
  • Fixed bug with local directory create failures.
  • Fixed bug with rewrapping of flowed text.
  • Fixed bug with matched messages changing when new mail arrives.
  • Fixed bug with crash when turning on logging.
  • Fixed bug with filtering whilst editing rules.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect button names for caution alerts.
  • Fixed bug with decoding CR/LFs embedded in quoted-printable or base64 data.
  • Fixed bug with tab into draft text body moving cursor to top.
  • Fixed bug with corrupt message display after deleting a message and then showing its header.
  • Fixed bug with attachment missing warning triggering off quoted text.
  • Fixed bug with server state column not showing correct new message state.
  • Fixed bug with GPG failing for operations on large messages.
  • Fixed bug with failure to allow crypto passphrase to be re-entered after it fails the first time.
  • Fixed bug with encrypted & signed messages that do not use multipart/signed.
  • Fixed bug with messages being displayed before new mail filtering operations have completed.
  • Fixed bug with performance of opening large mailboxes with some unseen messages in them.
  • Fixed bug with select all menu title.
  • Fixed bug with drag and drop selection highlighting in lists.
  • Fixed bug with address copy/paste between address books.
  • Fixed bug with failure to preserve copy to mailboxes in drafts saved to disk.
  • Fixed bug with crypto plugins attempting to write to /.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect mapping of LDAP attributes.
  • Fixed bug with spell highlighting of non-ascii characters.
  • Fixed bug with tied identities when using reply addressing dialog to create a new draft.
  • Fixed bug with mailbox list display corruption when creating certain subscribed mailboxes.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect name on address book windows.
  • Fixed bug with perpetual loop when failure occurs whilst opening a mailbox.
  • Fixed bug with sieve script textual edit mode.
  • Fixed bug with crash on quit when disconnected address book operations are pending.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when editing text macros.
  • Fixed bug with crashes when changing the content of groups in an address book.
  • Fixed bug with failure to consider all user ids in a PGP key when matching with From address.
  • Fixed bug with corruption of capture address book popup menu when certain characters are used in account names.
  • Fixed bug with message headers not showing after decryption.
  • Fixed bug with a crash on quit after editing in an address book.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when parsing a local message with a MIME part header contains a ' ' before the ':'.
  • Fixed bug with status window dissappearing on restart when Mulberry was quit in the background.
  • Fixed bug with all mailbox windows being closed when logging out of one account.
  • Fixed bug with copy to mailbox menu showing wrong info.
  • Fixed bug with failure to display CC/Bcc fields in drafts opened from disk.
  • Fixed bug with address fields expanding when there was no change to the contents.
  • Fixed bug with failure to enter accented characters on OS X 10.3.

v3.0.3: 14-March-2003

  • Fixed DIGEST-MD5 authentication with ManageSIEVE.
  • Fixed bug with crash on OS 10.1 due to GSSAPI plugin.
  • Fixed bug with doubled address book list after logging out then logging in to address book server.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when accepting different SSL certificates with the same subject.
  • Fixed bug with parsing borken protocol from certain IMAP servers.
  • Fixed bug with mailbox pane focus being lost when going to the next mailbox with new mail.
  • Fixed bugs with refreshing address book lists.
  • Fixed bug with loss of previewed address changes when logging out of address server.
  • Fixed bug with crash on quit when address book window has been used.
  • Fixed bug with failure to properly store and recover address book sorting preferences.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when connection is lost whilist creating a reply draft.
  • Fixed bug with intial selection of new message not working in Match mode.
  • Fixed bug with unicode and utf8 support for vCards.
  • Fixed bug with failure to remove mailboxes from New Messages cabinet when there 'new' count goes to zero.
  • Fixed bug with spell-as-you-type when pasting text.
  • Fixed bug with spell-as-you-type hiliting when backspacing to a misspelled word.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when new mail check occurs on a set of mailboxes being closed.
  • Fixed bug with spell-as-you-type crash with auto-correct words at the very end of the text.
  • Fixed bug with unseen counter not being properly reset when marking all messages as seen.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect charset for Euro character.

v3.0.2: 28-February-2003

  • Added spell-as-you-type capability to draft window.
  • Added limited support for utf-8 decode in header fields and text bodies.
  • Added options to allow automatic address capture when reading or repsonding to a message.
  • Added support for ManageSIEVE protocol for uploading SIEVE scripts.
  • Added smart URL paste option that will automatically add <...> delimiters around any text pasted into a draft that is recognised as being only a URL.
  • Added additional attachment classification icons to mailbox pane.
  • Added option to allow check of default mailto handling on startup.
  • Fixed bug with POP3 server check triggering when appending to POP3 INBOX.
  • Fixed bug with LDAP expansion being attempted when disconnected.
  • Fixed bug with plug-ins failing to load on older OS versions.
  • Fixed bug with reverse sorted local mailbox selection preservation when new mail arrives.
  • Fixed bug with scrolling of search sets list in Match dialog.
  • Fixed bug with LDAP expansion using empty attributes.
  • Fixed bug with failure to save/restore preview pane splitter position in mailbox and address book windows.
  • Fixed bug with failure to save/restore account expansion state in address book manager pane.
  • Fixed bug with failure to save/restore address book window state.
  • Fixed bug with restore address book window state when group list is hidden.
  • Fixed bug with quoting of headers when forwarding.
  • Fixed bug causing occasional crash after editing preferences when a particular address book account was active.
  • Fixed bug with failure to properly refresh address book column when the column type was changed.
  • Fixed bug with blank address book preview area.
  • Fixed bug with failed macro expansion not passing through macro expand character into text.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect cursor when doing text drag and drop.
  • Fixed bug causing an occasional crash when using certain message sorting criteria.
  • Fixed bug with behaviour of draft save dialog.
  • Fixed bug with rules window splitter and button focus.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect SIEVE script syntax for multiple addresses.
  • Fixed bug with failed macro expand key pass-through.
  • Fixed bug with failure to decode %xx's in URLs displayed as tooltips.
  • Fixed bug with failure to do MIME decoding of mailto URLs.
  • Fixed bug with failure to restore address book manager window state.
  • Fixed bug with active Page Setup and Print commands in address book pane.
  • Fixed bug with failure of address import/export in standalone address book window.
  • Fixed bug with LDIF import.
  • Fixed bug with failure to update scroll position when changing list font size.
  • Fixed bug with failure to delete some rules from triggers.
  • Fixed bug with crash when auto-send rule executes on startup.
  • Fixed bug with display hierarchy removal with open mailbox.
  • Fixed bug with crash when refreshing an address account in the address book manager pane.
  • Fixed bug with inactive Delete item in draft window parts table context menu.
  • Fixed bug with crash when deleting IMSP account in local prefs.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when forwarding messages using certain character sets.
  • Fixed bug with crash when opening an address book direct from disk.
  • Fixed bug with missing sound popup in rules edit dialog.
  • Fixed bug with alert preferences cabinet popup value not being remembered.
  • Fixed bug with duplicate remote preferences set names.
  • Fixed bug with sasl authentication with ManageSIEVE.
  • Fixed problems with replying when IMAP servers do not adhere to the spec.
  • Fixed bug with bogus status when opening a local address book.
  • Fixed bug with failure to set file type/creator when uudecoding.
  • Fixed bug with failure to do connection recovery when sent-mail copy is done.
  • Fixed bug with crash when closing search window whilst search is in progress.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when power suspend event arrives whilst quitting.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when replying/forwarding a message with wrap length set to zero.
  • Fixed bug with failure to properly set SMTP server in identity when servers are locked via Admin tool.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect items in address account popup in address book create dialog.
  • Fixed bugs with IMAP4 servers and rules.
  • Fixed bug with empty ACAP entry being treated as a valid address.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when dragging attachments in a bounce draft.
  • Fixed bug with processing of curly quotes.
  • Fixed bug with crashes when URL tooltips get orphaned.
  • Fixed bugs with handling of mailbox main and popup menus.
  • Fixed bug with failure to focus on server pane when all mailboxes are closed.
  • Fixed bug with failure to update toolbar state when selection changes and mailbox window is in the background.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when parsing specific message/rfc822 parts.
  • Fixed bug with display of message/rfc822 parts in draft window parts list.

v3.0: 12-November-2002

  • Major revisions to UI in all windows.
  • Each window has a proper toolbar UI with configurable display options.
  • Now has a 3-pane mode option as well as single pane mode, which can be switched on the fly.
  • Tabbed mailbox pane in 3-pane window to allow multiple mailboxes to be quickly viewed in 3-pane mode. Context-menu on tab allows it to be moved around or closed, shift-click closes it. Tab state is remembered when quitting and restarting.
  • Comprehensive options to allow control over what user actions trigger a preview or 'full' view.
  • Mailbox and address book windows have preview panes.
  • Redesigned address book window with single address list sorting and column changing.
  • Text macro facility with configurable keystroke for quick insert of commonly used text.
  • Now has support for processing and requesting read receipts.
  • New Help menu items for support.
  • Tooltips on server and mailbox list items.
  • Added Reject command for sending DSN failures back to message originator.
  • IMAP append now preserves the date received value of the message being appended.
  • Added Print and Save rule actions for filtering.
  • New option to suppress display of recent mailbox state unless mailbox also has unseen messages.
  • Added multiple level text undo/redo in draft window.
  • Redesigned match button to use new dialog for setting match options.
  • Added text size zoom up/down buttons to message view.
  • Added option to allow displayed dates to be adjusted to the local timezone.
  • Mulberry now checks whether it is the default mailto handler on startup and will prompt to make it so, if it is not.
  • Added option to message pane to allow nested quotes above a certain depth to be hidden.
  • Added more font size choices in preferences.
  • Subject format for forwarded messages can now be set via preferences.
  • Added new alert to allow user to choose whether local mailbox reparse is done when Mulberry detects modtime changes on the local files.
  • Added vCard address book import/export plugin. Can read vCard v2.1/v3.0 formatted data, will always write vCard v3.0 formatted data.
  • Local file attachments in drafts can now be viewed by double-clicking on them.
  • Address book create dialog now has account popup for use when no address book is initially selected.
  • Protocol logs are now stored in a Logs directory and can optionally be stored in the User Documents directory as opposed to the Application directory.
  • Added new keyboard shortcut for Bounce command.
  • Added manual Capture Address capability via menu command and new preferences options.
  • Added Update Current Match command to allow quick refresh of matched messages.
  • Copy to choose dialog when sending a draft now /includes an option to save the chosen mailbox as the default for that future use.
  • Shift-spacebar can be used to move to previous message.
  • New preferences to control the direction of message processing independent of sort order.
  • New Search date match for ‘within’ and ‘not within’.
  • Support for SMTP SIZE extension to avoid sending messages the server will reject.
  • New identity option to automatically choose the identity based on addresses in a message being responded to.
  • New option to pause network activity while computer is asleep and to recover connections or switch into disconnected mode when computer wakes.
  • Fixed bug with occasional failure to from-stuff messages downloaded via POP3.
  • Fixed bug causing crash when using scroll wheel on OS X when mouse is not over a scrollable pane.
  • Fixed bug with failure to decode BinHex/UU data when extra lines appear after the encoded data.
  • Fixed bug with failure to parse &-entities in HTML URLs.
  • Fixed bug causing occasional crash with Apply Rules command.
  • Fixed bug with missing spelling options menu item.
  • Fixed bug with small text appearing when script systems were not installed.
  • Fixed bug with selection not being preserved when changing sort order.
  • Fixed bug with full POP3 server check being done after a copy into the POP3 INBOX.
  • Fixed bug with local mailbox parse of messages that contain zero length MIME bodies.
  • Fixed bug with daylight savings change forcing mailbox reparse on OS X.
  • Fixed bug with selection moving when new mail arrives in reverse sorted mailbox.
  • Fixed bug where mailbox renames could leave cabinet items in wrong state.
  • Fixed bug where messages in SMTP queue would not be sent when quitting.
  • Fixed bug with inactive menu bar after connection loss.
  • Fixed bug with scrollwheel redraw in mailbox pane.
  • Fixed bug with crash during mail checks that add items to New Messages cabinet.
  • Fixed bug with crash when mailbox connection is lost.
  • Fixed bug with repeated attempts to open a mailbox that causes an error.
  • Fixed bug with failure to skip deleted unseen message when trying to show the next unseen.
  • Fixed bug with failure to reset background colour when message content is removed.
  • Fixed bug with failure to restore expanded state on cabinets with no contents.
  • Fixed bug with failure to properly expand address text which contains spaces.
  • Fixed bug with bogus IMAP search commands being used when non-default sorting/threading in use.
  • Fixed bug with superflous server search when tabbing to next new message.
  • Fixed bug with mailbox browse dialog having active OK button when no selection is present.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when quitting and mailbox check takes a long time.
  • Fixed bug with failure to warn about message size when doing a crypto operation.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect content transfer encoding header on encrypted parts.
  • Fixed bug with address field scrollbars under OS X 10.2.
  • Fixed bug with ACL Apply to all on logged out mailbox.
  • Fixed bug with crashes when message window closes itself.
  • Fixed bug with crash when deleting an open mailbox.
  • Fixed bug in which new mail checks whilst application is in the background would stop after the first one detects new mail.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when trying to drag an item in the mailbox lists in the search window or disconnect dialog.
  • Fixed so that mailboxes on broken IMAP servers that do not allow SEARCH can be opened.
  • Fixed bug with mailbox ACLs when switching to a mailbox that does not have an active ACL set.
  • Fixed bug with Apply Rule action reseting mailbox selection to the wrong set of messages after some are removed.
  • Fixed bug causing an ocasional crash when quitting and new mail is detected while shutting down.
  • Fixed bug with failure to have Copy to default to Choose for new users.
  • Fixed bug with draft address fields not properly expanding when return key pressed.
  • Fixed bug with illegal syntax in IMAP date searches.
  • Fixed bug with forward rule causing a crash if message parts are visible.
  • Fixed bug in which To/CC/Bcc addresses in an identity could be lost for certain types of drafts.
  • Fixed bug with URL cursor active when past the end of a line.
  • Fixed bugs with recovery from connection failures, including network configuration changes.
  • Fixed bug when disconnecting with an open mailbox in an account not enabled for disconnected support.
  • Fixed bug with address book synchronisation.
  • Fixed bug with address/group change disconnected playback.
  • Fixed bug with OSX local files and timezone/daylight savings changes.
  • Fixed bug with disconnect/connect operation taking place on logged out accounts.
  • Fixed bugs with connection loss in check mail thread.
  • Fixed bug with use of recipient/correspondent is me search criteria causing crash when writing preferences.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when sending and connection loss occurs on copy to operation.
  • Fixed bug with allowing user to enter whitespace before or after nick-names.
  • Fixed bug with failure of new mail rules to be triggered on POP3 checks.
  • Fixed bug with failure to properly refresh triggers list when new trigger is added.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when a large number of messages are used with Make Rules command.
  • Fixed bug with rules flag action flag popup not being active.

v2.2.1: 07-May-2002

  • Fixed bug with missing spell options menu command.
  • Fixed bug with forward caption preferences not including cc by default.
  • Fixed bug with binhex/uu encoding causing freezes on send.
  • Fixed bug with occasional corrupt local copies of attachments.
  • Fixed bug with failure to update mailbox status when it is copied to.
  • Fixed bug with handling broken Applefile attachments.
  • Fixed bug causing occasional crashes when message window is open while connection loss occurs.

v2.2: 22-April-2002

  • Major revisions to connection failure handling for more robustness.
  • New spell checker engine that now /includes French and German dictionaries.
  • Now supports address expansion using LDAP - controlled via new LDAP Options panel in Account preferences.
  • Now supports GNUpg for PGP encryption/signing on OS X.
  • Added Mac OS X scrollwheel support.
  • HTML background colour now supported.
  • Now displays IMG ALT tags in place of an image if they exist.
  • Multi-mailbox searching redesigned for performance improvement.
  • Added Mac OS X Kerberos V4 support.
  • New From/To mailbox column icon next to name to indicate message only CC'd to current user.
  • New busy-cancel dialog that appears after five seconds whilst waiting for a network read/write operation or a background thread.
  • Server window title now shows connected/disconnected state.
  • Fixed bug with INBOX somtimes appearing as a directory and not a mailbox.
  • Fixed bug with locked mulberry directory preventing use of local items.
  • Fixed bug with thread deadlocks not timing out in a sensible fashion.
  • Fixed bug with failure to launch application after extracting an attachment.
  • Fixed bug with invisible items displayed as mailbox items in server window.
  • Fixed bug thread information loss after replying/forwarding when using thread sorting.
  • Fixed bug with Euro symbol in HTML.
  • Fixed bug causing loss of local mailbox flag information after a crash.
  • Fixed bug casuing a crash when attempting to send a draft which contains a message/rfc822 with no subparts.
  • Fixed bug causing failure to open an IMAP mailbox when MIME content parameters are corrupt.
  • Fixed bug with match state being corrupted after a search when the mailbox is closed.
  • Fixed bug with Euro character in message headers.
  • Fixed bug with server mismatch error with SSL certs where server address is numeric IP.
  • Fixed bug with failure to properly register passphrase dialog cancel when PGP signing drafts.
  • Fixed bug with alert sounds not working on OS X.
  • Fixed bug with failure to encode/decode utf8 with LDAP.
  • Fixed bug with copy/cut/paste not working in some edit fields.
  • Fixed bug with IMSP Delete sets button not working.
  • Fixed bug with SIEVE FileInto mailbox popup not working.
  • Fixed bug with crash on quit when connection failure occurs whilst quitting.
  • Fixed bug with inoperative Kerberos V4 plugin on OS X.
  • Fixed bug with HTML named colours.
  • Fixed bug with certain syntax in AHREF tags in HTML.
  • Fixed bug with decoding BinHex data with extra base64 encoding applied to it.
  • Fixed bug with stuffing From lines in local mailboxes.
  • Fixed bug with LDAP expansion not using email/nick-name attributes.
  • Fixed bug with untagged responses from certain IMAP servers.
  • Fixed bug with emtpy SEARCH spec error when opening a mailbox.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect localhost ip being found on systems with multiple network interfaces on OS X.
  • Fixed bug with failure to reject S/MIME messages when doing auto-verify/decrypt with PGP.
  • Fixed bug with crash when certain dialogs are displayed on OS X.
  • Fixed bug with failure to look for sounds in each ‘domain’ on OS X.
  • Fixed bug with superfluous alert appearing after cancelling a spell check.
  • Fixed bug with failure to return LDAP results after sizelimit or timelimit non-fatal error.
  • Fixed bug with allowing certain illegal address formats to be used with drafts.
  • Fixed bug with failure to use binary as opposed to text mode for certain digital signature operations.
  • Fixed bug with expanding an empty email address into all addresses.
  • Fixed bug with failure to activate Edit menu clipboard commands when selecting text using arrow keys.
  • Fixed bug with subscribed in create dialog when only subscribed hierarchy is present.
  • Fixed bug with client-side threading when message-ids contain rfc2822 quote artifacts.
  • Fixed bugs with enabling of Reset All/Refresh display hierarchy items.
  • Fixed bug with message body reads on IMAP4/IMAP2bis servers.
  • Fixed bug with EHLO fqdn on multi-homed systems.
  • Fixed bug with addresses/groups with NIL in their names.
  • Fixed bug with copy text from message window subject field.
  • Fixed bug with improper quoted-printable characters not being ignored.
  • Fixed bug with crash in POPPASSD dialog.
  • Fixed bug with forward rule action failing to properly attach original message.
  • Fixed bug with generation of illegal charset header in rare cases.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when preferences are changed with rules window open.
  • Fixed bug with rules dialog titles and control names.
  • Fixed bug with text import not handling arbitrary line ends.

v2.1.2: 07-December-2001

  • Can now specify realm with DIGEST-MD5 authentication by appending @ and realm to user id.
  • Tab can be used to move to the next searched mailbox with matching messages in the search window mailbox list.
  • Added Add to Draft popup to the address book/search addressing dialog which allows addresses t be added to an existing draft.
  • Now does MIME 1522 decoding of name/filename parameters, and description in MIME headers.
  • Address search window automatically activates a single LDAP server for searching when LDAP search is chosen.
  • Fixed bug with failure to convert line ends in text parts with binary encoding.
  • Fixed bug with locked sender address including server port number.
  • Fixed bug where POP3 INBOX looses flag information after crash.
  • Fixed bug with parsing local mailbox that ends with a single 'F'.
  • Fixed bug with certain servers that return a mailbox name when doing a hierarchy delimiter lookup.
  • Fixed with with failure to correctly parse HTML entities specified as hex numbers.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when selecting certain items in a specific order in the match popup.
  • Fixed bug with opening plugins in read-write mode.
  • Fixed bug with mailbox window loosing sync when its the target of a copy/move rule action.
  • Fixed bug when parsing empty HTML tags.
  • Fixed bug with failure to tolerate certain bad rfc822 date formats.
  • Fixed bug with selection of inappropriate text parts in multipart/alternative.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect 'Version: 1' text when using PGP/MIME.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when deleting all multiple parts from a draft.
  • Fixed bug with local mailbox parsing when a message contains a bogus empty last MIME part.
  • Fixed bug causing occasional crash when expunging a mailbox in using thread sorting.
  • Fixed bug causing occasional crash when an open message window's message is expunged with thread sorting active.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when ']' used as a quotation character for highlighting.
  • Fixed bug with failure to run on Appearance Manager 1.0 systems.

v2.1.1: 12-October-2001

  • Quotations in reply/forward drafts now always appear in date received order.
  • Added Admin kiosk option to disable rules.
  • Can now fully accept invalid SSL certs after extra warning.
  • Added new option for STARTTLS command to allow differentiation between SSLv23 and TLSv1 client hello methods.
  • Added Admin kiosk option to disable the use of local attachments in drafts.
  • GSSAPI now works on OS X.
  • Fixed bug with inability to select Subject in message window.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when decoding empty i18n MIME headers.
  • Fixed bug causing empty i18n MIME headers.
  • Fixed bug with message header line folding occasionaly generating an empty line.
  • Fixed bug with crash when attempting to delete POP3 INBOX.
  • Fixed bug with failure to allow sync operations with mailboxes contain certain characters.
  • Fixed bug with activation of subscribe checkbox in mailbox create dialog.
  • Fixed bug with silent failure of open mailbox command when error occurs.
  • Fixed bug with forward options dialog not picking up preferences defaults.
  • Fixed bug with certs being written to certs file multiple times.
  • Fixed bug with failure to run on non-appearance manager systems.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when switching to the next mailbox with new messages in it.
  • Fixed bug with failure to allow use of mailboxes on read-only volumes.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when cache all is cancelled.
  • Fixed bug with GSSAPI not working with IMSP.
  • Fixed bug with choose being used when no copy to selected in Simple prefs panel.
  • Fixed bug with inability to turn off POP3 INBOX checking.
  • Fixed bug with failure to trigger filters when trigger set to Always.
  • Fixed bug with rules preferences always being written to IMSP even when unchanged.
  • Fixed bug with GSSAPI not recovering user id used to get Kerberos tgt.
  • Fixed bug with cancel of identity edit in draft causing changes to copy to, signature etc.

v2.1: 28-August-2001

  • Added support for rules: local filters and SIEVE scripts.
  • Added NAMESPACE dialog to do initial hierarchy configuration.
  • Added Reset All display hierarchy command to bring up new NAMESPACE dialog after initial setup.
  • Added full Appearance manager support.
  • Now /includes a separate Carbon version that runs on Mac OS X and earlier OS's with the Carbon library. This is only available via a custom install.
  • Added support for IMAP SORT extension.
  • Added support for IMAP THREAD extension.
  • Thread sorting now uses References, In-Reply-To and Message-ID headers.
  • Thread column text in mailbox window is indented the appropriate amount when Thread sorting is applied.
  • Attachments can now be 'viewed' as opposed to just saved to disk. This will save viewed attachments to disk in the temp directory, and these will be deleted when Mulberry quits.
  • Added new BCC caption option (on by default) that sends a separate message with a textual warning at the top to any bcc recipients. The warning text can be configured via the prefs.
  • Search window criteria are now inside a scrolling view to allow many criteria without the serach window growing too big.
  • Search criteria can now be moved up/down with respect to others.
  • Preference panel re-organisation with some new sub-panels introduced.
  • Changes to the signature text in a draft window will now prevent the signature from being automatically replaced when the identity is changed.
  • Removed Speech menu. Speak Text command is now in Edit menu.
  • Now generates a References header when replying.
  • Alert styles now include a Speak option, whilst new mail speak options in Speech panel have been removed.
  • Added new options and a dialog to allow choice of how a message is forwarded, using a quote, an attachment ot both.
  • Forward options now allow forwarding of the complete original message headers.
  • Added new option to message window formatting popup to view the entire 'raw' contents of a message in the message window, which can be saved or printed in that form.
  • Added Mailbox/Directory choice buttons to Create Mailbox dialog.
  • Added new options and a dialog to allow saving of drafts to either a file or a mailbox when the File menu Save/Save As commands are used.
  • When encrypting, the 'encrypt-to-self' key is now the default signing key.
  • Clicking on an already sorted column title reverses the sort order.
  • Smart reply quoting based on the selection in the original message can now be turned off view a new preference.
  • URL's are not highlighted or clickable if any modifier key is down, allowing URLs to be selected without being triggered.
  • Address Import/Export items are now always active but generate an error message when an address book is not on top.
  • Added another forward option to allow messages to be sent as message/rfc822 (default) or as normal parts
  • Recognised URL text in outgoing HTML now has <A HREF ..>...</A> tags automatically applied.
  • Merged server properties dialog into mailbox properties.
  • Changed Original button in Draft window to Spelling.
  • Added quoting options to the reply addressing dialog.
  • Added an option to control the auto-expansion of address fields in the message window header.
  • Date search/rules criteria now allow is/is not for relative dates.
  • Added Send Now button to spell check dialog when triggered by spell on send.
  • Added Outlook/Outlook Express address import/export plugin.
  • Can now specify the directory for the local SMTP queue files via editing the first SMTP account in the preferences.
  • Network related errors now include additional context information (e.g. account name) when displayed to the user.
  • Added shortcut for Include Original menu item.
  • Certain HTML unicode entities (e.g. curly quotes) are now mapped to ascii equivalents.
  • SSL plugin updated to latest openssl release.
  • Now selects the password field when a login fails.
  • Added support for Euro character in message bodies.
  • Shift-tab now moves to the previous unseen message in a mailbox window.
  • Password dialog now shows the account name as well as the server address.
  • Fixed bug with nested IMAP LIST calls when logging in.
  • Fixed bug with signature duplication when using Send Again.
  • Fixed bug where alerts in different threads cause problems when they are closed out of order.
  • Fixed bug with quotation colours not being read/written to the preferences properly.
  • Fixed bug with failure to match first header when doing message header search in a local mailbox.
  • Fixed bug with failure to authenticate with newer versions of the UW IMAP server.
  • Fixed bug with disconnected playback of COPY operations when the IMAP server does not support UIDPLUS.
  • Fixed bugs with auto dial/hang-up which could occasionally cause a crash.
  • Fixed bug with message rollover not auto-expanding/collapsing parts table.
  • Fixed bugs with improper handling of <xml> and <!--...--> HTML tags.
  • Fixed local mailbox reconstruct to better cope with date mismatches between mailbox, cache and index files.
  • Fixed bug causing long delays when parsing text/enriched with lots or relative font size changes.
  • Fixed bug with creation of duplicate local address books.
  • Fixed bug with reverse sorting when moving to the next mailbox with unseen messages.
  • Fixed bug with length of message counter caption in message window when there are more than 10000 messages.
  • Fixed bug with format=flowed being used for Content-Disposition: attachment.
  • Fixed bug with failure to parse QUOTAROOT response when quota root name is empty.
  • Fixed bug with active subscribe checkbox in Create Mailbox dialog when a POP3 or lcoal account is being used.
  • Fixed bug with failure to highlight last character of a URL at the very end of a message.
  • Fixed bug with wrapping while quoting text when forwarding.
  • Fixed bug with mailbox size check causing a crash.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when replying to text which has CRLF pairs in it.
  • Fixed bug with crashes related to recovering local mailbox cache information.
  • Fixed bug with loss of mailbox expansion state after renaming a mailbox.
  • Fixed bug with quoted-printable encoding and interaction with format=flowed.
  • Fixed bug with Send Again including the pgp signature part from the original.
  • Fixed bug with spelling options not changing.
  • Fixed bug with occasional failure to mark messages as seen when opened.
  • Fixed bug with parsing of local mailbox containing messages with broken MIME structure.
  • Fixed bug with failure to remember zoomed state of windows.
  • Fixed bug with failure to do proper thread locking when searching mailboxes.
  • Fixed bugs with failure to do proper thread locking during POP3 checks.
  • Fixed bug with local parsing of zero length message bodies.
  • Fixed bug with failure to use proper message size * recipient count value when using admin locks.
  • Fixed bug with failure to connect to poppassd server when changing passwords.
  • Fixed bugs with re-opening saved drafts that contain alternative, signed or encrypted data.
  • Fixed bug with SMTP receive line buffer being too small.
  • Fixed bug with spell checker being active in a draft with no editable part.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect status line details when downloading attachments.
  • Fixed bug with failure to transfer user id into an SMTP account when using the admin tool kit configuration process.
  • Fixed bug with AUTH=ANONYMOUS logins.
  • Fixed bug with ANONYMOUS login to certain types of server.
  • Fixed bug occasionally causing a crash when switching between mailboxes in the same mailbox window.
  • Fixed bug with creating new identities in a draft window.
  • Fixed bug with meaningless numerical errors fro SSL operations.
  • Fixed bug with failure to display proper file types in attachments set mappings dialog.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when a message win dow is deleted in a particular way.
  • Fixed bug causing reconstruct of local mailbox when a local append operation fails.
  • Fixed bug with base64 encoding when base64 data is of a particular length.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when switching between mailboxes in the same window.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when parsing broken IMAP message structure data.
  • Fixed bug with failure to drag into an empty draft parts list.
  • Fixed bug with failure to reset cached data when a mailbox connection is recovered.
  • Fixed bug with failure to properly disconnect when a login fails.
  • Fixed bug with local rfc822 parsing causing body part lengths to appear shorter than they are.
  • Fixed bug with 'Is not Me' address search option not being properly restored when written and read from preferences.
  • Fixed bug with sig-dashes in quoted-printable messages.
  • Fixed bugs with reverse sorted mailboxes and selection, initial positioning behaviour.
  • Fixed bugs with failure to properly recover from failed POP3 retrieve operations.
  • Fixed bug with decoding of unknown charsets in MIME-encoded headers.
  • Fixed bug with failure to decode format=flowed if Content-Disposition header was not inline.

v2.0.8: 15-March-2001

  • Fixed bug with incorrect multi-user login user id being transferred to the email address when certain admin options are configured.

v2.0.7: 12-March-2001

  • Added GSSAPI plugin for Kerberos 5 authentication.
  • Fixed bug with draft address parsing when parenthesis are in the phrase.
  • Fixed bug with forward quotation adding an unwanted space when no quote character is set.
  • Fixed bug with case-sensitive smart address testing of the default identity.
  • Fixed bug with Open Addressbook command/button activation.
  • Fixed bug with wildcard cabinet items in the copy to cabinet causing menu lock-up in disconnected mode.
  • Fixed bug with SMTP queue window attempting to open when its locked out.
  • Fixed bug with failure to find root certificates when using SSL.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when parsing empty tags in styled text.
  • Fixed bug with dealing with disconnected playback when certain operations are missing from the playback log.
  • Fixed bug with parsing URLs that use the new IPv6 URL scheme for specifying a server address.

v2.0.6: 19-January-2001

  • Added Generate Sender admin option to force generation of Sender address if different than From.
  • Fixed bug causing server connect failures when changing TLS preferences without changing the server address.
  • Fixed bug with timezone offsets greater than 12 hrs being set to zero.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash in the identity edit dialog when a certain combination of admin options is set.

v2.0.5: 26-October-2000

  • Added support for SSL/TLS encryption of network connections (PowerPC only).
  • Identity edit dialog controls are now enabled/disabled based on the state of the corresponding ‘Active’ checkbox.
  • UU-decoded attachments now use the file type/creator that best matches any file extension inthe file name.
  • User ID & passwords fields enlarged to allow for user ids that include domain information.
  • A new warning alert appears when attempting to disconnect without any mail accounts set for disconnected operations.
  • Now preference (on by default) to do auto-expansion/collapse of message parts list when suitable attachments are present.
  • Added new option for PGP verify success alert.
  • Fixed bug in causing a crash when default identity From address was not active.
  • Fixed bug with quote colours not being saved when changed.
  • Fixed bug causing failure to remember flat/hierarchic state of local/POP3 display hierarchies.
  • Fixed bug with failure to decode multiple embedded UU-encoded attachments.
  • Fixed bug causing errors with IMAP servers returning zero-length literals.
  • Fixed bug with line end format when generating UU encoded attachments.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when attempting password changing with poppassd.
  • Fixed bug with mailbox window updating when quit cancelled after a mailbox is closed.
  • Fixed bug with parsing whitespace inside of bracketed URLs.
  • Fixed bug with dragging addresses around inside the group list.
  • Fixed bugs with PGP interoperability with format=flowed messages.
  • Fixed bug with ACAP address books with specific types of ACAP servers.

v2.0.4: 18-August-2000

  • Fixed bug in admin code when remote server is used and email address is locked.

v2.0.3: 14-July-2000

  • Fixed bug with error during specific IMSP address stores.
  • Fixed bug with unneeded SEARCH when opening a mailbox that would cause problems with IMAP2bis servers.
  • Fixed text of server parse error alert.

v2.0.2: 10-July-2000

Minor Changes
  • 'Addresses to count as mine' now accepts '*' as a match to zero or more arbitrary characters at that position.
  • Fixed bug with inactive New button in address book manager window when local address books are locked out.
  • Fixed bug with moving read mail out of INBOX and selecting by flag.
  • Fixed bug where new address books that failed to be created were still marked for nick-name resolution etc.
  • Fixed bug with addressbook lookup in ACAP.
  • Fixed bug with group duplication after editing in a local address book.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when server sends some specific broken protocol.
  • Fixed bug with missing default copy to with single accounts.
  • Fixed bug in which default dialog button was not triggering correctly in the spell check dialog.
  • Fixed bug with ACAP authentication.
  • Fixed bug with disconnect playback that could result inthe wrong mailbox being selected under particular circumstances.
  • Fixed bug with strict SMTP servers refusing to accept connections when the local machine's host name cannot be determined.
  • Fixed bug with Reset to Default command with open message or draft windows.
  • Fixed bug with multiple format=flowed parameters when sending a message previously saved as a draft to a mailbox.

v2.0.1: 19-June-2000

Minor Changes
  • option-click on a mailbox row will auto-match to the properties of the currently selected rows based on the column category that’s clicked on. This is currently limited to address, subject, thread and date columns.
  • Content-Disposition is now displayed in message parts property dialogs.
  • Now adds all default copy-to mailboxes in any identities to the copy to menu when it hits the ‘Too many mailboxes’ limit.
  • Now re-opens mailboxes that were open before a connect or disconnect operation. Window stacking order is not remembered.
  • Password dialog now shows the authentication mechanism that will be used.
  • Added new mailbox cache preference to control when the ‘Full Sort’ alert is triggered - defaults to 100 messages.
  • Added radio buttons to new address dialog to specify creation of ‘personal’ or ‘global’ remote address book. The ‘personal’ choice automatically adds the user id prefix to the name entered, and is the default.
  • Added transparent support for the non-standard AUTH=LOGIN authentication mechanism.
  • Now prevents users from accidently writing someone else’s preferences back over their own when quitting - mostly relevant when using Kererbos authentication where tickets can timeout.
  • Fixed bug with missing MIME-Version header in local messages.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when registering a plugin.
  • Fixed missing Config plugin support.
  • Fixed bug with LDIF/Communicator Adbk import and line-end formats.
  • Fixed bug causing corrupt cached message indices when copying a message from a POP3 INBOX twice.
  • Fixed bug with shift-up-arrow not scrolling a table.
  • Fixed bug with remote prefs upgrade from v1.x not writing back all upgraded prefs.
  • Fixed bug with UU-decoding detecting the wrong start to uu data.
  • Fixed bug with message window styles being lost on text after printing.
  • Fixed bug with mailbox listing for disconected support when using a UW-style server.
  • Fixed bug with copy-to mailboxes failing to work when they only appear in the Subscribed list and not in any display hierarchy.
  • Fixed bug with certain characters in dictionary path causing dictionaries not to be found.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when renaming the path to a local mailbox/adbk that Mulberry is using.
  • Fixed bug with disconnected partial messages missing the MIME-Version header.
  • Fixed bug with failure to properly recognise multiple SMTP AUTH and AUTH= responses.
  • Fixed bugs in DIGEST-MD5 plugin.

v2.0: 30-March-2000

Major Changes
  • Mulberry now supports local and POP3 mail accounts.
  • IMAP accounts can work in disconnected mode - using fully synchronising playback.
  • New ‘Disconnect...’ menu command to switch between disconnected and online.
  • Disconnection can control modem dial/hangup.
  • Full set of user options available for controlling disconnecting and re-connecting.
  • Mulberry now supports disconnected preferences.
  • Mulberry now supports disconnected address books with basic synchronisation.
  • SMTP sending now operates in the background.
  • Added SMTP Queue window for manipulating SMTP queues.
  • New ‘automatic’ local address book storage allowing local address books to be used even when closed.
  • Authentication plugins are now dynamic.
  • Added DIGEST-MD5 authentication capability.
  • Added NTLM authentication capability.
  • Added PGP inline and OpenPGP support.
  • Added ‘Expand Address’ command to do address expansion in a draft window address field.
  • Preferences merged for all OS’es.
  • Compound preferences are now backwards and forwards compatible with respect to additions in future releases.
  • Single IMSP default options set for all OS’es.
  • Multiple window states now saved in a single prefs set for each screen size and OS used.
  • Added ‘Security’ panel for controlling security plugins (e.g. PGP).
  • Added new Mailbox ‘Disconnected’ panel.
  • Added multiple alert styles which can be applied to different mailbox cabinets
  • Can now inherit from any identity - not just the default identity.
  • Added new ‘Outgoing’ section.
  • Can specify default To, CC and Bcc addresses in Outgoing section which get added to drafts using that identity.
  • Added support for requesting DSN’s in Outgoing section.
  • Added ‘Security’ section for controlling signing and encryption of messages sent with that identity.
  • Added ‘Also Copy Original Message’ to Options section to have the corresponding checkbox in a draft window automatically set when that identity is chosen.
  • Identities can now be re-ordered via drag and drop in the preferences dialog.
    Server Window
  • New ‘Auto Synchronise’ cabinet for specifying which mailboxes are to be synchronised on disconnect.
  • Added ‘Size’ column for display of mailbox size.
  • Mailbox properties dialog: added controls to support new options.
  • New icons to represent servers for different account types.
  • New icons for local and disconnected mailboxes.
    Mailbox Window
  • New state icon to show online, local and disconnected mailbox state.
  • Added ‘Disconnected’ column to indicate state of messages in disconnected cache.
    Message Window
  • Added new control to collapse/expand header area.
  • Added new icon used in parts table to indicate a message part in a disconnected mailbox that has not yet been locally cached.
  • Parts table can now be displayed flat (the new default) or fully hierarchic as controlled by a new button. The state is saved in prefs.
  • Message windows can now be reused with option-double-click opening a message. Behaviour can be toggled with a new preference.
  • Added a new preference option to have the first message/rfc822 in a multipart/digest open automatically when the its message is opened
    Draft Window
  • Added new control to collapse/expand header area.
  • Added sign and encrypt buttons (only displayed when security plugin installed).
Minor Changes
  • Added commands to Windows menu to facilitate expanding and collapsing of various window areas.
  • Added Print command to text area context menus.
  • Logging dialog allows disconnected playback operations to be logged.
  • Can now type characters in server window to select items in the list.
  • ACL panel now /includes mailbox popup and ‘Apply to All’ to enable batch ACL setting.
  • Added ‘Recipient’ and ‘Correspondent’ search criteria items.
  • Originator-Info header is no longer sent by default. Admins have to explicitly turn this on if required.
  • New draft title and file name is now based on the subject of the draft.
  • Search Hierarchy has been renamed to Display Hierarchy and menus/UI reorganised.
  • Added new menu commands for manipulating cabinets.
  • Removed ‘goto’ button in mailbox window and replaced with two new menu commands.
  • IMSP address book opening time reduced.
  • The full format of date is displayed in the message window date sent field.
  • Added URL Seen colour and style to prefs.
  • When saving a draft to the IMAP server as a draft, ‘unspecified-recipients’ is no longer added to the To field when there are no addresses specified.
  • Added ‘Entire Message’ search criteria to allow searching of both the header and body.
  • When forwarding a message from a message window, the quotation is now determined by any selection in the message window (can include headers if shown).
  • Added ‘quick selection’ buttons to reply addressing dialog.
  • Added new warning dialog when using the delete mailbox command on a cabinet item.
  • Can now change a MIME parts disposition on outgoing mail.
  • Can now append drafts to a mailbox from which parts of the draft were obtained.
  • Spelling dictionary is now stored using a relative path if its in the Mulberry directory.
  • Can now edit bounced message subject.
  • Moved tab and wrapping checkboxes in Outgoing prefs panel.
  • Group edit dialog enlarged.
  • Can now have Copy To popup default to ‘Choose Later’ by turning on copying, but leaving the mailbox name empty.
  • Single selection in the New Messages cabinet is now moved to the next mailbox in that cabinet if the selected mailbox is removed.
  • Edit and delete of display hierarchies can now only be done via menu commands.
  • Now alerts the user on startup when there is less than a week to go in demo mode or beta expiry.
  • Can now register an unregistered copy from the About Box.
  • LDAP search now only asks for the attributes needed, unless putting them in the Notes field.
  • Added basic format=flowed support.
  • Added new preference to have tied identities triggered when the ‘New Draft’ command or ‘Draft’ button is used when appropriate.
  • The browse for mailboxes dialog is now resizable and remembers its size and position.
  • Can now copy sub-messages (digest contents) to any mailbox.
  • Now generates an alert on startup or restart if any form of protocol logging is turned on, and allows it to be turned off.
  • Added new Admin option to turn off protocol logging.
  • Now remembers the last preference panel selected.
  • Added command key equivalent for Open Mailboxes command.
  • New option to have draft messages opened from a mailbox deleted when the draft is sent or saved again.
  • Can optionally prevent deletion of drafts if they have the important flag set.
  • Changed format of X-Mailer header to be similar to News’ User-Agent header and removed display of serial number.
  • Message window parts list automatically expands if there are no displayable parts and suitable text is displayed in the message body area.
  • Copy Now command is active for a selection in the mailbox window and results in a mailbox Choose dialog for copying.
  • Switched Details and Options buttons in Mailbox properties dialog so that Options is the first one shown.
  • When a connection is rejected, the IP address cache for that server is now reset.
  • LDAP searches now recognise multiple values for certain attribute types.
  • Added ‘None’ button to the mailbox browse dialog when saving a copy of sent mail.
  • Added ‘New Address Book’ dialog for creating a new address book and setting the various address book options. Defaults to nick-names and searches on.
  • Auto-creation of default IMSP address book now sets address book options.
  • Fixed bug with ‘Copy INBOX Messages being Replied to’.
  • Fixed bugs when unseen messages are treated as ‘new’.
  • Fixed bugs with hierarchic New Messages cabinet.
  • Fixed bugs when deleting a mailbox with a sub-hierarchy.
  • Fixed bug with cursor positioning in newly created draft windows.
  • Fixed bugs when closing/quitting while searching.
  • Fixed bug in base64 decoding.
  • Fixed bug with adding a mailbox to a cabinet with only a folder in it.
  • Fixed bug with logout failing to refresh server window row.
  • Fixed bug with AppleDouble part size calculation for admin limits.
  • Fixed bugs in dot-stuffing attachments from an IMAP server being sent directly over SMTP.
  • Fixed bugs with runs of MIME-encoded non-ascii headers.
  • Fixed bugs with spell checker refusing to delete or add certain words.
  • Fixed bug in base64 decoding of ISO-8859-1 text.
  • Fixed bug in which keystrokes from the mailbox browse dialog were leaking into windows behind it.
  • Fixed bugs related to address search window state saving and loading from prefs.
  • Fixed bugs with enabling/disabling copy controls in the message window.
  • Fixed bug when mailbox was set to expunge on close and mark seen on close.
  • Fixed bug in which double-click of text list dialog did not do OK action.
  • Fixed bug in which favourite button in server window column would not work for cabinet items.
  • Fixed bug with Nav Services preview being disabled.
  • Fixed bug in generating folded MIME-encoded non-ascii headers.
  • Fixed bug with non-OS specific spell check dictionary location preference.
  • Fixed bug with log files failing to be flushed after every entry.
  • Fixed bug with shift-arrow key selection in edit fields.
  • Fixed bug when attempting to save a draft with a subject that contains illegal characters in the OS’s filesystem.
  • Fixed bug in which deleting a mailbox would also remove any wildcard cabinet items that matched it.
  • Fixed a bug in which renamed cabinet items were not actually renamed in the preferences.
  • Fixed a bug in which cursor spinning would affect the state of the cursor in other foreground applications.
  • Fixed bug with failure to honor Content-Disposition filename parameter.
  • Fixed bug with empty lines in identity X-Headers.
  • Fixed bug with reply/forward quoting text with lines that start with spaces or tabs that exceed the wrap length.
  • Fixed bug with handling illegal ‘&’ characters in HTML.
  • Fixed bug with tab selection of next new mailbox in server window.
  • Fixed bug with mailbox browse dialog with a single server and display hierarchy.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect error message when an authentication fails due to a missing plugin.
  • Fixed bug where adding a new text part to a bounce would select the wrong part.
  • Fixed bug with zero width columns being read from preferences.
  • Fixed bug when starting up without any preferences and attempting to use IMSP.
  • Fixed bug with <AREA> tag in HTML.
  • Fixed bug in which addresses used in drag and drop were not filtered for ‘smart’ addresses.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when network connection dies during Properties on a network address book.
  • Fixed bug with Internet Config overwriting some Admin Locks.
  • Fixed bug with MIME parts not saving properly when the name had a ‘:’ in it.
  • Fixed bugs with converting line-ends in c-style escaped address fields.
  • Fixed bugs with mailbox window updating when sorting by flag.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect text display of a message containing no displayable parts.
  • Fixed bug with anonymous authentication failure.
  • Fixed bug with redraw of authentication panels.
  • Fixed bug which allowed a draft file to be opened more than once.
  • Fixed bug with MIME encoded 8-bit headers that contained a comma.
  • Fixed bug with failure to generate new mail alerts for open mailboxes.
  • Fixed bug in which attached text files would be hard-wrapped when sent.
  • Fixed bug in which expunge on close was not done when switching to the next new mailbox.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash after changing preferences and then using a local address book.
  • Fixed bug with long initial connect times when used on a machine on a LAN using NAT.
  • Fixed bug in which editing an identity would lose tied identity links to mailboxes.
  • Fixed bug with failure to read spelling preferences.
  • Fixed bug with formatting of string list preferences.
  • Fixed bug with creation of mailboxes with illegal names starting with directory separator character.
  • Fixed various issues related to reverse DNS lookup delays.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect encoding of 8-bit MIME parameters.
  • Fixed bug with URL activation when URL is at the very end of a message with no line break after it.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when quoted-printable encoding is used on a binary file.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when base64 encoding is used with the wrap length set to less than 76 characters.
  • Fixed processing of subject & body items in extended mailto URL handling.
  • Fixed bug with wrapping of long subjects in the header.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when attempting to drag a cabinet in the server window.
  • Fixed bug with line-end conversion in non-text parts that Mulberry displays as text.
  • Fixed bug with locked entry fields in Simple prefs panel when Internet Config is in use.
  • Fixed parsing of LDAP mail attribute to work with RFC822-style address with comments.
  • Fixed rare bug in IMAP error recovery code that could cause a crash if server returned illegal IMAP protocol.
  • Fixed bug with Mailbox Create command acting on a Cabinet.
  • Fixed bug with Search criteria popups not being initialised when switching between some criteria types.
  • Fixed bug in which alerts could not be dismissed.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when switching from a set of preferences with a remote prefs account to one without.
  • Fixed bug with some Navigation Services alerts appearing on top of the Status window.
  • Fixed bug with quoted-printable decoding of non-text parts.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when sending a draft with no parts.
  • Fixed bugs with print captions when a requested address field is empty.
  • Fixed bug with failure to quit when writing IMSP prefs fails.
  • Fixed bug with drag and drop between different text areas in the same window.
  • Fixed bug with text between <STYLE> tags in HTML appearing in messages.
  • Fixed bug with Mac->ISO-8859-1 conversion.
  • Fixed bug with NULL characters in message body resulting in truncated text display.
  • Fixed bug with cabinet items whose account name contains a directory separator character.
  • Fixed bug with ‘leaked’ connections when viewing message search results.
  • Fixed bug in parsing capability response.
  • Fixed quoted printable decode bug with non-text attachments.
  • Fixed bug with clickable empty URLs.
  • Fixed bug with use of temporary draft files when booted from a CD.
  • Fixed bug with copy to mailboxes not being renamed when an account is renamed, for identities other than the default.
  • Fixed bug with failure to properly select the first new message when opening a mailbox sorted by something other than message number.
  • Fixed bug with menu id clashes with third-party extensions.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect page setup being used when printing from a mailbox window.
  • Fixed bug causing display update problems when deleting an address book.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when quitting with an open single server window.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when dragging items out of the group edit dialog and exiting with OK.
  • Fixed bug with messed up mailbox hierarchy display when the first subscribed mailbox is not at the top of its hierarchy.
  • Fixed bug with duplicate addresses appearing after message drag and drop onto address book manager item.

v1.4.5: 23-November-1999

Minor Changes
  • IMSP address book opening time reduced.
  • Can now edit bounced message subject.
  • Fixed bug with AppleDouble part size calculation for admin limits.
  • Fixed bug with spaces in the name MIME part attachments.
  • Fixed bugs with spell checker refusing to delete or add certain words.
  • Fixed bug in base64 decoding of ISO-8859-1 text.
  • Fixed bug with failure to honor Content-Disposition filename parameter.
  • Fixed bug with reply/forward quoting text with lines that start with spaces or tabs that exceed the wrap length.
  • Fixed bug where adding a new text part to a bounce would select the wrong part.
  • Fixed bug with connection failure alerts being on-screen for longer than the tickle interval.
  • Fixed bug in which Internet Config personal settings could interfere with locked preferences.

v1.4.4: 7-July-1999

Admin Changes
  • Added support for site-dependent Configuration plugin.
Minor Changes
  • Added Navigation Services support.
  • Left arrow in hierarchy table moves up to the parent after collapsing the currently selected row.
  • Added Print item to message and draft text area context menus.
  • Added Eudora4 address book import/export plugin.
  • Fixed bug with clicking into background window.
  • Fixed bugs when unseen messages are treated as new.
  • Fixed bugs with hierarchical display of New Messages cabinet.
  • Fixed bug caused when server responds with empty envelope.
  • Fixed bug with tracking of column titles when changing sort order.
  • Fixed bug with base64 decoding of text attachments.
  • Fixed bug with error during remote address operations.
  • Fixed various bugs relating to handling of remote options sets.
  • Fixed bug causing duplicate mailbox/directory items to appear after creating a draft.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when server closes its connection early during logout.
  • Fixed bug with quotes and non-ascii characters when attaching files.
  • Fixed bug with Eudora address book import/export plugin.

v1.4.3: 12-May-1999

Admin Changes
  • Can now specify multiple comma delimited mail and SMTP server addresses to have server choice popup appear in multi-user login dialog.
  • Fixed bug in About Box close via window title close box.
  • Appending a draft to an IMAP server now clears the 'dirty' state of the draft.
  • Changed wording for 'Map' control panel alert.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when changing server details in prefs while a reply draft exists.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash for wildcard cabinet items in mailbox popups.
  • Fixed bug that allowed all remote prefs accounts to be deleted while prefs set to remote.
  • Fixed bug with K4 reverse lookups for sites that don't use CNAME entries in their DNS records.
  • Fixed bug with text that appears in reply/forward/print captions for Smart Address.
  • Fixed bug with initial focus on edit field in address search window.
  • Fixed bug with initial focus on edit field in message search window.
  • Fixed bug with K4 plugin error message reporting.
  • Fixed bug causing crash when using PLAIN authentication with ACAP servers.
  • Fixed bug causing crash when switching between new messages in mailboxes.
  • Fixed bug causing corruption of address book manager list when deleting multiple remote address books.
  • Fixed bug with mailbox listing on IMAP2bis servers.
  • Fixed bug with 'Reply...' commands default to 'Reply' only when used in a mailbox window.

v1.4.2.1: 12-March-1999

Minor Changes
  • Modified Kerberos V4 plugin to accept raw K4 realm as user-specified server principal.
  • Fixed bug with smart print caption item not displaying title.
  • Fixed various bugs with address dragging.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash if e.g. 'INBOX*' were used in a copy to cabinet.
  • Fixed bug with styled text being pasted into a 'Plain Wrapped' draft window.
  • Fixed bug setting initial admin controlled email address.
  • Fixed various spell checker bugs.
  • Fixed bug with POPPASSD server disconnect before client quit.

v1.4.2: 1-March-1999

Minor Changes
  • Revised ACAP options data model to improve performance.
  • Now get choice of remote preference sets when starting up from remote prefs and multiple sets exist.
  • Quoted text can now have different colours for up to five levels of quotation as set in preferences dialog.
  • Can now specify a default identity for each mail account that gets applied to draft messages when replying or forwarding from that account.
  • Can now specify separate default identities for any mailbox so that replying/forwarding messages in that mailbox will use the mailbox specific identity, rather than the account default.
  • Cabinet items no longer need corresponding entries in the server hierarchy, enabling mailboxes to be manipulated without having to create specific search hierarchies.
  • Can now drag and drop servers in main server window to reorder mail accounts.
  • Added password changing plugins to do POPPASSD and URL(web) based password changing.
  • Added mark seen on close keyboard shortcut.
Admin Changes
  • New admin option to prevent Mulberry from quitting when the Quit command is used, allowing Mulberry to be 'recycled' for use by the next user.
  • Can now include prefix in the locked email domain field to allow auto generation of '+' addressed email addresses.
  • New admin options for controlling use of password changing plugins (see GUI AdminToolkit).
  • Can now disable use of BOTH local AND remote prefs to prevent saving of prefs to ANY location. Instead, prefs changes only last for the current Mulberry session.
  • Fixed ANONYMOUS, CRAM-MD5 and KERBEROS_V4 logins to ACAP options.
  • Read-mail preference name changed to avoid clash with v1.3 value.
  • Fixed varius underlying bugs with calculating number of new messages in server display when mailbox is open.
  • Fixed handling of cc/bcc/body items in extended mailto URLs.
  • No longer records expanded/collapsed state of hierarchies when using the server browse dialog.
  • Fixed crash when refreshing a hierarchy with its last mailbox open.
  • Fixed crash when replying/forwarding a message with a line containing spaces at the start that exceeds the wrap length.
  • Drag and drop move of a mailbox now renames correspdoning cabinet entries.
  • When opening a message with multiple text parts, the first one shown will be the first one with more than four characters. Makes forwarded messages from AOL users easier to read.
  • No longer inserts default signature when opening a draft message from within a mailbox.
  • Fixed window activation when trying to drag from a background window.
  • Clicking the space to the right of a URL at the end of a line or split across a line no longer result in the URL being launched.
  • Fixed bug preventing directories from being renamed.
  • Fixed bug in which display would not correctly update after renaming a mailbox/directory that contained other mailboxes.
  • Fixed bug in which Replace All in spell checker would get out-of-sync with the text being checked.
  • Fixed bug with creating mailboxes in newly created search hierarchy.
  • Read next button now active for last message in mailbox and displays with different icon.
  • Cycling from a read-only mailbox to a read-write mailbox now correctly enables the delete buttons in the message window.
  • Fixed bug with extracting attachments with filenames > 31 characters when using a default download directory or drag and drop that would fail silently.
  • Fixed bug with attempting to connect to non-existent server not generating an error.
  • Fixed bug with using the last message number in the Go To message dialog.
  • Fixed bug with doing a replace all with replacement text the same as find text.
  • Shift-cmd/option up/down arrow keys now work in text areas..
  • Fixed bug with entering multiple addresses in identity edit dialog.
  • Fixed bug in which mailbox rename would not update the mailbox popup menus.
  • Fixed bug with HTML generation when using centered text.
  • Fixed bug with HTML generator not using HTML character entity names.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when changing a part in a draft to a message/rfc822.
  • Fixed a number of minor memory leaks.

v1.4.1: 1-December-1998

Minor Changes
  • Added admin option to disable Internet Config button.
  • Added admin option to allow upgrade from v1.3 to substitute use of CRAM-MD5 or K4 authentication in IMAP, IMSP or ACAP server accounts.
  • Fixed address book login at startup conversion from v1.3.
  • Fixed identity name conversion from v1.3 with empty real name.
  • Fixed bug on error recovery when cancelling a mailbox open.
  • Puts 'unspecified-recipients:;' in To field when sending/appending if To and Cc are empty in a the draft, but Bcc is not.
  • Fixed multi-user login problems.
  • Recently used mailboxes now correctly ordered in mailbox popups.
  • Fixed bug when cancelling SMTP name lookup and subsequent failure to use SMTP.
  • Fixed bug in which Refresh Subscribed while logged off would cause a crash.
  • Fixed problem with save/restore of certain preference values containing *[] characters.
  • Fixed email address admin startup problem.
  • Fixed occasional Error -19278 when expunging.
  • Fixed crash when expunging a message with an open message/rfc822 message window.
  • Fixed crash with initial preference setup when using cabinets.
  • Fixed preference upgrade alert to ignore fixes (e.g. no alert for v1.4 -> v1.4.1).

v1.4: 8-October-1998

Major Changes
Multiple Accounts
  • Mulberry now supports multiple IMAP, SMTP, IMSP address book and LDAP address search accounts.
  • Accounts can be on the same server (with different user ids) or on different servers.
  • All accounts are configured in the same way from the same preference panel.
  • Identities can now be configured to use different SMTP servers by creating different SMTP accounts.
    Authentication Plugins
  • Support for authentication plugin architecture - requires server support too.
  • /includes new support for authenticated SMTP & LDAP.
  • Listed methods: 'Plain Text' (as previously - always available), 'CRAM-MD5' (available via plugin) and 'Kerberos V4' (available via plugin).
  • Kerberos V4 plugin shipped with this release. Works with KClient on Mac OS & Win32, and Authman/KClientman support for Mac OS.
    Server Window
  • Now supports fully hierarchic mailbox display.
  • User can toggle between flat or hierarchic display.
  • Initially only lists top-level hierarchy and automatically lists mailboxes as sub-hierarchies are expanded.
  • Can refresh any hierarchy independently of the rest.
  • 'Main' server window displays all mailbox accounts in their own hierarchy.
  • Separate server windows for each account can also be opened.
  • Can now add 'Places to Search' hierarchies directly from server window.
  • Adding 'Places to Search' is done via 'Mailbox Search' dialog with criteria popup menu choice.
  • Full drag and drop support for moving and copying mailboxes, even between servers, and for reordering search hierarchies.
  • User-defined text styles and background colouring to differentiate items in the list.
    Mailbox Cabinets
  • Built-in and user-defined mailbox 'cabinets' available to allow grouping of mailboxes from any account.
  • Built-in cabinets for: favourite mailboxes, mailboxes to open at login, subscribed mailboxes, mailboxes for use in copy to menus, mailboxes for use in append to menus, mailboxes to have messages marked as seen on close, and mailboxes containing recent messages.
  • Can create unlimited user-defined cabinets.
  • Cabinet display can be toggled by popup menu.
  • Some built-in cabinets will except maibox name patterns with wildcards to match a particular set of mailboxes from any location.
    Copy To/Append To menus
  • Can now define two different sets of mailboxes to display in 'Copy To' or 'Append To' main menus or popups to reduce their size.
  • Sets are defined by adding items to a cabinet.
  • Can choose whether to display the entire mailbox list or the cabinet sub-set in each menu via a preference.
  • When displaying cabinets, the last few mailboxes used for the corresponding operation are remembered and appended to the menu. The number remembered is configured via the preferences.
  • Added 'Choose?' option to each main menu and popup to allow browsing for mailbox with hierarchic view.
  • Can create a mailbox during browse operation.
    New mail checking
  • Checking of favourites is now done in a separate thread so as not to interfere with user actions.
  • New mail notification options expanded and now configured in their own preference panel.
    Mailbox window
  • Changed mailbox window to add extra buttons and to support new features.
  • Virtual scrollbar style message caching controlled by options in the Mailbox preferences.
  • Added view filtering capability to mailbox window to allow subsets of messages to be quickly defined and viewed based on simple search criteria.
    Message searching
  • Added full message searching capability, including multi-threaded simultaneous multi-mailbox searching.
  • Sets of search criteria can be saved to form building blocks for more complicated searches or used in view filtering.
    Text processing
  • Added text Find and Replace options for message (Find only) and draft windows.
  • Added various text manipulation options for draft window, related to quoting, wrapping etc.
  • Preliminary support for ACAP remote options. This is intended for use by server developers only. Please contact us for more information.
Minor Changes
  • Added AppleEvent to trigger a 'Check Favourites' (for use with a future version of NotifyMail™).
  • Added Contextual menu support (using native Contextual Menu Manager on OS 8, and using ordinary popups on OS 7).
  • Can now automatically discover the hierarchy character for IMAP4 and IMAP4rev1 servers.
  • Added NAMEPSACE extension support via 'Automatic Hierarchy List' option in IMAP account panel. Hierarchies discovered from the NAMESPACE response can be auto inserted as search hierarchies in the server window if not already present.
  • Switched to using new 'official' Originator-Info message header (draft in Last Call with the IETF at the moment) X-Authenticated-By. The encryption scheme for hiding user id and password information is not yet complete.
  • Now automatically checks for new mail when started.
  • Content-Disposition header now generated.
  • Reorganised 'Display' and 'Formatting' prefs panels into 'Display' and 'Fonts'.
  • Reply and forward quotes can now be any length, not just a single character.
  • Can specify separate fonts for printing plain text messages and for the print headers and footers.
  • Can configure the text that appears in print headers or footers which can be different for incoming or outgoing messages.
  • Can configure the text used at the start and end of quoted reply messages of forwarded messages.
  • Can now specify in the preferences whether Unseen and/or Recent flags are used to determine 'new' messages.
  • Added Advanced/Simple option to preferences dialog.
  • Added option to allow blank line to be automatically added before the signature text.
  • Added preference to turn off empty subject warning on draft send.
  • Added preference to toggle draft flag on message append to mailbox.
  • Can now cancel updating of a preference file when opening it.
    Mailbox/Message windows
  • Rollover of recent messages: when tabbing at the end of a mailbox will get a dialog asking whether to go to the next mailbox with recent messages.
  • Rollover of recent messages: option-tab in a mailbox will go to the next mailbox with recent messages.
  • Rollover of recent messages: spacebar in the last message in a mailbox will go to the next recent message in the corresponding mailbox.
  • Added 'Date Received' column to mailbox window.
  • Added 'Mark Contents Seen' command to have any unseen messages in a mailbox marked as seen. Can be automated by cabinet.
  • Added navigation buttons to message windows showing a message/rfc822 that is part of a multipart/digest.
  • New view options to coerce the message window to interpret the message using a specific text format or with a fixed width font.
  • Spacebar in mailbox window will page down the message list.
  • Mailbox window preferences are only saved if they are different from the default window state.
  • URLs now hilite and flash when clicked.
  • Add draft window hard wrap option. Default can be set in the preferences and new popup item in the draft window can be used to toggle between wrap to window size and wrap to line length.
  • Can edit identities directly from the draft window via the popup.
  • Now generates an 'In-Reply-To' header when replying to messages.
  • Sent mail or drafts appended to a mailbox now include any Bcc addresses in a Bcc header field. This field is not generated for mail sent via SMTP.
  • Added 'Create New' button to reply addressing dialog to allow a empty draft addressed to the selected addresses to be created.
    UI Items
  • Rows in all hierarchic tables can be expanded or collapsed with right or left arrow keys respectively.
  • Shift-up/down arrow keys will now extend selection in tables.
  • Open and create mailbox commands always available.
  • Can correctly display tab characters in incoming messages.
  • Can choose to use real TAB characters when composing messages, or fake them with spaces as before.
  • Added new icon for mailbox window Attachments column that indicates a multipart/alternative text message with no other attachments.
  • Added new icon next to parts counter in message and draft windows as an extra cue that attachments are present.
  • Added new alert capability used to signal when a message with attachments is opened.
    Address books, address searching & LDAP
  • Redesigned LDAP account panel to allow for authentication and to allow all Mulberry address book fields to be mapped to LDAP attributes.
  • Can now have the same LDAP attribute appear in more than one Mulberry field when doing an LDAP search.
  • Address searching LDAP servers now adds an extra popup to select which servers are searched.
  • LDAP searches can be done on any LDAP attribute as mapped in the preferences.
  • LDAP root can be 'parameterised' using %1, %2 etc, with substitutions made at search time by specifying parameters after the search item with ';' separators.
  • Address search window now remembers the state of all items
  • Closing a local address book now gives the option of hiding it. Local address books can be open hidden if set to open at startup.
  • Default IMSP address book auto-created if it does not exist.
  • New Communicator and QuickMail address book import/export plugins.
Admin Changes
  • Added admin option to prevent use of local address books (no saving/opening).
  • Added admin option to prevent use of local drafts (no saving/opening).
  • Added admin options to control generation of new Originator-Info header.
  • Added admin option to prompt user for their real name on startup. This /includes a new multi-user dialog with a 'Real Name' field, if this option is on.
  • Added admin option to restrict sizes of draft messages. Can set warning and prevention limits for total number of addressees (To, CC and Bcc), total size of attachments, size based on the product of total attachment size and total addressees. Exceeding any one of these will trigger the warning (the draft can still be sent) or prevention (sending of the draft is forbidden).
  • Added admin option to prevent downloading of admin defined MIME types, which can use pattern match (e.g. block all /images with 'image/*').
  • SMTP now available before IMAP login. Admin option will force old behaviour requiring an IMAP login first.
  • Added new Admin option to prompt for quit when user logs out of all IMAP servers.
  • Signature insert when changing identities no longer adds extra character.
  • Address book manager window stays hidden after quit and restart.
  • Address search window now always appears when search command selected.
  • Fixed bug in handling HTML messages with lots of tags.
  • Sender identity address cannot be set to 'multiple'.
  • Removed IMSP server error suppression for buggy IMSP server (server patch now available).
  • Address sorting is now case insensitive.
  • Header button now active for message/rfc822 part display.
  • Can do 'Properties' on mailboxes on logged out servers without receiving error messages.
  • Drag and drop of attachments into draft window parts table now correctly ordered.
  • Fixed bug in extended mailto URL handling.
  • Fixed various bugs with buttons not drawing correctly after mouse released outside the button.
  • INBOX now added to Check Favourites for first time users.
  • Expanded/collapsed state of server hierarchy in server window now preserved.
  • Fixed crashed caused by illegal server response to LIST command.
  • Fixed window position problems when switching from large to small monitor size.
  • Fixed problem with failed MIME content lookup and missing file suffix.
  • Fixed problem with IMSP sets not being saved if started up directly from IMSP default set.
  • Fixed all remaining buffer overflow issues.
  • Fixed bug with inability to edit certain IMSP groups.
  • Fixed bug when replying/forwarding a message with a single non-text attachment.
  • Fixed bugs with use of expunged messages in drafts.
  • Fixed various longstanding new mail alert bugs.
  • Smart address column now refreshed in open mailbox window when preferences change.
  • HTML BLOCKQUOTE tag now results in text shown with the quotation text style set in the prefs.
  • In correct default download directory now results in an error message when an attachment is downloaded.
  • Fixed bugs with incorrect removal of preference sets on IMSP server.
  • Fixed bug with empty file extension field.
  • Fixed bug with corruption of identity list control when opening a preference file from the prefs dialog.
  • Spell check of a single word no longer attempt to capitalise the word.
  • Can subscribe/unsubscribe direct from mailbox window.
  • Fixed n-up printing with certain printer drivers (notably HP).
  • DNS lookups now done asynchronously and can be cancelled.
  • Now recognises URLs with 'URL:' prefix.
  • Fixed bug with HTML display and relative font sizes.
  • Fixed bug in which messages were deleted after a failed copy (via drag and drop).
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when a draft was open and a connection was reset.
  • Fixed some Pine import problems.
  • LDAP attribute matching now case-insensitive.

v1.3.4.2: 16-September-1998

  • Fixed bug with reading in multiple identities.

v1.3.4.1: 14-September-1998

Minor Changes
  • New admin option added that will prompt the user to quit when they click the logout button.
  • Fixed bug with parenthesis in signature.
  • Fixed bug with identity list box in prefs getting corrupted after opening a prefs file.
  • Now produces a warning when the default download directory does not exist.
  • Fixed bug with local configurations and default email addresses.
  • Fixed bugs related to IMSP server cache synchronising idiosyncrasies.
  • Fixed bug with improper file extension value producing IMSP server login failure.

v1.3.4: 18-August-1998

Minor Changes
  • Address search window popup menu settings now saved and restored.
  • No longer requires version number in default IMSP prefs file.
  • Fixed bug with multiple items in extended mailto URLs.
  • Fixed bug with searching open address book with empty fields.
  • Fixed bug with display message/rfc822 parts at top of MIME hierarchy.
  • Fixed bug with Organisation not appearing in the About Box.
  • Fixed bug in which preference sets were not saved after default remote startup.
  • Fixed bug in mailbox popups that truncated menu at top if more than 300 mailboxes.
  • Fixed problem with inability to save IMSP groups when the original group used the MEMBERS attribute.
  • Fixed bug caused when replying or forwarding to a message with no text parts.

v1.3.3.1: 20-April-1998

  • Fixed bug in modified-UTF7 encoded mailbox names.
  • Fixed bug with malformed URLs in HTML.

v1.3.3 : 6-March-1998

Major Changes
  • Plugin architecture created. New 'About Plugins' menu command in Apple menu to give details about loaded plugins.
  • Address book import/export converted to plugins.
  • Spell checker plugin: new menu commands in Edit menu to allow spell checking incoming and outgoing message bodies.
Minor Changes
  • Selected messages in a mailbox window remain selected after a change to the window (e.g. after changing sort category or order, or new mail arrival).
  • Changed 'Copy' button in message window to 'Forward' and moved 'Copy' button next to 'Copy To' popup menu.
  • Now uses 'MEMBER' as well as 'MEMBERS' IMSP key to determine address groups created by other applications.
  • When there are no editable text parts, a non-editable message is displayed in the draft window text body area.
  • When bouncing a message, the draft window parts table is automatically expanded and a non-editable warning message displayed in the text body area.
  • Fixed bug in which non-ASCII characters did not get correctly converted when composing HTML.
  • Fixed a bug in which some versions of the Speech Manager would cause Mulberry to get an incorrect version number.
  • Will now ask whether you want to remove a local address book from the 'Open at Startup' list if it is not found during startup.
  • Will now show an alert to indicate successful sending of a message, when a post-send operation (e.g. changing the answered flag) fails, resulting in the draft window remaining open.
  • Fixed screen update problem after printing a message.
  • Fixed bug in which 'Default Always' attachment setting was not being properly used.
  • Fixed bug in which some printer drivers would print selected text inverted.
  • Fixed a bug in which printed lines could be split across two pages.
  • Fixed bug in which address search window titles did not scroll when the list was horizontally scrolled.
  • Fixed a bug when attaching a message/rfc822 part from an incoming message to a draft.
  • Renumbered some menu ids to prevent conflict with some new OS 8 extensions.
  • Will now warn if attempting a manual append to a mailbox that contains a part attached to the draft.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause problems when forwarding messages with message/rfc822 parts on an IMAP2bis server.
  • Fixed screen update bug when deleting a message in a mailbox window and scrolling to the next message.
  • Now uses 'EXAMINE' command when checking for mail on IMAP2bis and IMAP4 servers.
  • Fixed bug in which user id was not correctly transferred to remote address account preferences on first login to IMSP server.
  • Fixed bug caused by renaming an open mailbox
  • Fixed bug with handling URLs split across two or more lines.

v1.3.2.2: 4-February-1998

  • Fixed bug in which password dialog would appear after multi-user dialog if admin option to not save passwords was on.
  • Fixed a very rare bug in BinHex decoding.
  • Fixed a bug when using passwords from Internet Config.

v1.3.2.1: 21-January-1998

  • Fixed bug with incorrect messages being deleted after copying from a mailbox not sorted ascending by number, and for which a new message arrives during the copy process.
  • Fixed bug in which colored text was not displayed in text/enriched messages.

v1.3.2: 15-January-1998

Minor Changes
  • Only IMSP preferences that have changed will get written back to the server.
  • Improved performance (drawing and sorting) of mailbox windows with 'Smart Address' column.
  • No longer allows a draft to be copied to a mailbox containing and embedded message in the draft.
  • When forwarding, if the forwarded message contains only a single text part (or a single multipart/alternative consisting of only text) the forwarded message is not attached as a message/rfc822. All other types of forwarded messages are attached as message/rfc822.
  • Changed password encryption/storage mechanism.
  • Fixed improper encoding of '<' in enriched.
  • Identity names with quotes were being modified when saved and reopened.
  • Can no longer open the same address book twice.
  • Fixed memory bug in WASTE support.
  • Fixed bug with servers returning incorrect STATUS response.
  • Can now open local prefs file saved with a version of Mulberry that has a locked return address.
  • Fixed bug in which mailbox window would zoom to size one message smaller than total.
  • Using new version of Mercutio MDEF.
  • No longer displays HTML text between <applet>, <comment> and <script> tag pairs.
  • Fixed crash when quitting after opening a prefs file from the Finder while Mulberry was already running.
  • Can no longer close a mailbox which contains a message embedded in an open draft message.
  • Fixed problem with IMAP4 servers return FETCH responses during new mail checking.
  • Mailto URLs with '%' escape sequences are now handled correctly.
  • Uses modified-UTF7 encoding for mailbox names with IMAP4rev1 server.
  • Fixed failure to properly close down network stack.
  • Fixed bug in which obsolete IMAP4 syntax was used with IMAP4rev1 only server.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash if opening a message that is deleted while opening.
  • Fixed bug in which address account names were sometimes lost.
  • Fixed display problem when dropping text between two address fields in the draft window.
  • Fixed a bug in which a pre-registered copy could not be lauched if no default prefs file existed.
  • Fixed bug in which IMAP flags returned in LIST or LSUB commands were sometimes not being recognised.

v1.3.1: 1-December-1997

Minor Changes
  • Will now append (both after sending and manually) a message to the IMAP server and include all data from file attachments.
  • Append operation now /includes '%' progress indicator in status window.
  • Fixed bug with servers using '\' as mailbox hierarchy separator.
  • Fixed problems with user id not propogating to remote prefs when using multi-user login to remote prefs server.
  • Fixed problem in which 'Old version' alert would appear when a user uses a remote prefs server for the first time.
  • Fixed bug caused by URLs ending in '\'.
  • Fixed bug with empty 'HREF' in URLs in HTML.
  • Fixed bug in which forwarding/bouncing messages with some header fields in a different capitalisation than expected, would cause incorrect MIME headers to be generated.
  • Fixed bug in which mailbox window would not take into account sort order when opening at newest/oldest/oldest unseen.
  • Fixed bug in which mailbox window would scroll first unseen message to bottom of window when opening at oldest unseen, obscuring subsequent unseen messages and forcing a manual scrool to see them.
  • Local address books marked for opening at startup are removed from the open at startup list if not present when Mulberry starts up.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect number of recent messages being displayed.
  • Can have admin option to auto-create mailboxes on without having to use multi-user preferences.
  • Non-ASCII characters (e.g. Å) were not properly converted to HTML '&#xxx;' format.
  • HTML alternative for enriched composed message generated incorrect HTML.
  • Bounce messages with non us-ascii charsets, or other than 7bit transfer encoding would not generate correct MIME headers.

v1.3: 14-November-1997

Major changes
  • Added support for IMAP extensions: 'QUOTA' & 'ACL'. These are accessed via Mailbox properties dialog box (see below). Quotas cannot be changed, only viewed.
    Server Window
  • Added a 'Details' button to the server window to display server greeting and capability text.
  • Configurable columns (as in mailbox window) allow state, mailbox name, total, recent, and unseen message number, and a button for favourite mailboxes to be displayed. State and message number columns only display data after the mailbox has been opened or checked (either manually or automatically).
  • Now uses a separate connection for each open mailbox.
  • Added support for display of Mailbox properties via 'Properties...' menu item in 'Edit' menu. This will display a dialog with three panels, including quota & ACL information, and allow suitable information to be changed.
  • 'Check Mail' command now checks for mail in active mailbox window, or selected mailboxes in server window, or just INBOX.
  • Added 'Check Favourites' menu item to Mailbox menu. 'Check Mail' now means check the currently selected mailboxes in the server window or the mailbox of the top mailbox window. 'Check Favourites' will check the set of mailboxes with 'Check for New Mail' set in the Mailbox properties.
    Remote Preferences
  • Support for remote preferences via IMSP. Preferences dialog has new 'Remote' panel as well as 'Local' and 'Remote' buttons to allow saving to local disk or remote server. Multiple preferences can be saved and opened from the remote server using the 'Open' and 'Save As' buttons in the prefs dialog (just like using local files).
    Remote Address Books
  • Added support for IMSP remote address books (including ACLs). The 'Address' preferences panel has been changed to allow setup of multiple remote address book servers which can use different protocols (IMSP & LDAP for now, ACAP when available).
  • A new 'Address Book Manager' window has been created and the main menu bar reorganised with an 'Addresses' menu to help managing local and remote address book services. Window can be closed (which just hides it) to save screen space.
  • 'Properties' command on address books allows particular address books to be opened at startup, used for nick-name resolution and used for searching. Each of these can be set separately.
    Address Book Searching
  • Local and remote address books can now be searched. A new 'Address Search' window is available that allows you to type in a single search criterion and to choose a search method (currently 'Mulberry Address Books' or 'LDAP'). Search results are then presented in the table. The addresses in the results can be used to address a new message, or copied to a new message or an address book.
  • Basic LDAP lookup now supported by configuring an LDAP account in Address preferences. You need to specify a root location for the search as well as entering attribute values to associate with Mulberry address entries.
    Styled Text: Viewing
  • Viewing of text/enriched and text/html now supported.
  • Can choose to view text formatted (ie styled), plain (all formatting removed) and raw (plain but with tags displayed).
  • URLs in text/xxx can be highlighted and clicked to launch (NB requires Internet Config). URL text style set in the preferences.
  • URL schemes can be specified in the preferences to allow easy addition of new schemes as they appear.
  • Header fields can have a style set in prefs panel.
  • Lines starting with the reply or forward quotation character can have a style set in the preferences.
  • Mulberry will correctly choose to display styled part in a multipart/alternative message.
  • Preferences option can be used to force display to plain alternate part when opening a message.
    Styled Text: Editing
  • Editing of text/enriched and text/html now supported.
  • 'New Text Part' sub-menu allows choice of plain, enriched or html.
  • Default composition style is set in preferences.
  • Style for current text part can be toggled via popup in draft window.
  • Toolbar appears above text display area in draft window to aid styled composition.
  • Can configure Mulberry to automatically generate multpart/alternative if composing enriched or HTML message (this even /includes the ability to create three sub-parts for all three supported formats).
    Multiple Identities
  • Support for multiple identities for sending mail. These can be added via a new prefs panel. Identities can then be chosen using a new popup menu in the draft window.
  • Forwarding and bouncing of messages now /includes the whole message as a message/rfc822 part so all attachments get sent.
  • Send Again will recreate the whole original message (including all parts) and allow editing of text parts.
  • Draft messages on the server are opened into a new draft window as per Send Again, making template email messages easy to use.
  • Mulberry will now give the choice of acting on all items together or on each item separately when more than one message is selected in a mailbox window. This operation applies to: saving (all messages saved to a single file), forwarding, replying.
  • Added 'Create Digest' command to create multipart/digest based on selected messages in mailbox window.
Minor Changes
Server Window
  • Dragging messages to a mailbox window or a mailbox in the server window now uses a single copy command for all messages to be copied, rather than one copy command per message.
  • Typing a tab in the server window will select the next mailbox with recent messages.
    Mailbox Window
  • Will not allow a mailbox window to be closed if a message (or a part of a message) is being used in a draft (i.e. a reply or a draft with an attached message part).
  • Typing a Tab in the mailbox window will select the next unseen message after the last selected cell.
  • Added 'Parts' and 'Attachments' column options to mailbox window. 'Parts' displays the number, 'Attachments' an icon if more than one.
    Message Window
  • Enlarged navigation buttons in message window.
  • Added three 'Copy To' UI items to message window to improve navigation/filing operations, and moved header button.
  • Dragging attachments to disk now stores the file where it was dropped rather than asking the user for another location.
    Draft Window
  • INBOX can now be used as the default 'Copy To' mailbox.
  • Quoted-printable encoding now wraps the text to the prescribed length before encoding and sending.
  • Added button and menu items to save the current draft to a mailbox during composition.
  • Added signature insert button to draft window to insert the current identities signature at the insert cursor.
  • Added 'Save Password' option to prefs.
  • Multi-user preferences can be configured to prevent passwords saved in prefs file.
  • Multi-user preferences can be configured to force the return address domain to always be that specified in the multi-user prefs. Network panel entry is locked out as well.
  • Removed 'No InternetConfig' alert.
  • 'Copy To' and 'Move To' mailboxes must now be the full pathname to the mailbox. To help with entering this, each field has a popup next to it which shows the current 'known' list of mailboxes and allows a choice.
  • Can specify an empty 'Copy To' mailbox without error to allow 'None' to be default.
  • 'Copy To' and 'Move To' mailboxes may be autocreated on first login if using multi-user pereferences. Controlled by admin option.
  • A warning is now issued if the default 'Copy To' and 'Move To' mailboxes are not found when logging in.
  • A warning is now issued when opening a draft message if the 'Copy To' mailbox is not found and copies would be lost.
  • Splash screen added.
  • Holding down the option key while copying a message will toggle the state of the 'Delete after Copy' option.
  • During a drag operation, the arrow cursor will display a '+' symbol when the operation will result in a 'copy' as opposed to a 'move' (copy and delete original) action (similar to Mac OS 8 Finder).
  • Added 'Reset Default Window' command to 'Windows' menu to allow current window state to be reset to the default for that type of window. This makes it possible to reset individual window states rather than the whole lot using the 'Reset Windows' button in the prefs dialog.
  • The 'Creator for saved Messages' value now appears as text in prefs files as opposed to a number.
  • 'Choose' directory button now works in 'Attachments' prefs panel.
  • Now uses IMAP 'Literal+' extension where available.
  • No longer uses obsolete SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE syntax when connected to IMAP4rev1 server.
  • Added preference to allow automatic signature insertion to be turned on or off.
  • 'Speak New Mail Alert' can now be called once per mailbox when doing an auto check if '#' or '*' appears in the text. A '*' in the text to be spoken will be replaced by the mailbox name. '##' and '**' will cause the alert to be spoken once but with the total number of recent messages spoken ('##') and each mailbox name spoken in turn ('**').
  • Password dialog now selects the password field on opening if there is a user id already set, regardless of the 'Save User ID' setting.
  • If there is only one 'Places to Search' in the prefs, mailbox names will be shown without the hierarchy prefix in the server window and popups.
  • Messages appended to a mailbox are now marked as seen (not IMAP2bis).
  • 'Create in Hierarchy' now the default for 'Create Mailbox' dialog.
  • Fixed a bug in UU decoding.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when typing delete with no selection in a mailbox window.
  • Fixed bug in which addresses dragged to address field could be lost on resolution.
  • Fixed a bug in which the name of an AppleDouble attachment would not be filled in in the Standard File dialog when saving such an attachment to disk.
  • Fixed problem with extra mailboxes appearing in server list with recent versions of UW server.
  • INBOX will not move to subscribed folder if subscribed command issued.
  • INBOX is made a valid mailbox when logging in, if it was invalid before.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a crash when sending a message after deleting an editable text part.
  • Fixed a bug in which an illegal 'BODY' response from a server was causing a crash.
  • Fixed a bug in which a newly created, but unedited draft window would ask to be saved when closing it.
  • Fixed bug in which the quoted-printable encoding header was not being used in draft messages appended to a mailbox.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when sorting an empty mailbox by thread.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent mailboxes with quotes (or other 'special') characters from being used in Mulberry.
  • Fixed loss of focus after changing starting message number in mailbox window.
  • Fixed bug which would prevent IMAP4rev1 protocol being used with UW server.
  • Fixed bug that would cause socket errors with UW IMAP4/IMAP4rev1 server when using IMAP4 protocol.
  • Fixed bug in which status window state was not saved in preferences.
  • Keyboard equivalents for 'Previous Block' and 'Next Block' fixed by changing to use proper shift key mechanism.
  • Fixed bug causing address book split pane window to show incoorect single address table size when reducing window height.
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when replying to a message with a bad date.
  • Fixed a bug causing text to be wrapped to one character less than that specified in prefs.
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when opening/creating a mailbox that would appear at the end of the server window list.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when appending a message to an open mailbox a second time.
  • Stopped fwd-del in read-only message window text.
  • Fixed smart word handling for backspace and fwd-del in draft window.
  • Fixed problems with home and end keys and text scrolling.
  • Duplicate groups are now merged when imported.
  • Fixed crash when merging groups.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the last address in a pine group to be missed.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent text areas using the actual system font size.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the 'Read Next Block' menu command to remain disabled when it should not be.
  • Draft window is now 'dirtied' if there are any changes to the parts table.
  • Fixed a bug causing changes to the draft window to be lost when deleting one of two parts.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause spurious characters in the 'To' address field when using Internet Explorer 'Mail' button.
  • Option key toggle for replying now works for messages in mailbox window.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused a crash when importing addresses into a non-empty address book.
  • Fixed bug in which hidden draft windows would be created when cancelling addressing dialog generated from address book.
  • Fixed a bug in which an incorrect number of spaces was inserted when typing a tab at the very end of a draft.
  • Properly handles single quotes in addresses in draft window.
  • Fixed a bug when re-writing message/rfc822 part boundaries in draft attachments.
  • Fixed bugs with multipart/appledouble part naming.
  • The 'Default Download Directory' is now terminated with directory separator if missing.

v1.2.3 : 29-August-1997 (Special release for sites only)

Minor Changes
  • If a SELECT command fails, the user will be prompted for creation of the mailbox.
  • The default 'Copy To' and 'Move To' mailboxes will be automatically created on login if they are filled in in the multi-user preferences and they don't exist and the user is using the multi-user prefs (not their own prefs).
  • If the default 'Copy To' or 'Move To' mailboxes do not exist when logging in, the user will be alerted (assuming the conditions in the point above are not met).
  • If the current 'Copy To' mailbox does not exist, the user will be alerted whenever a new draft is created (either as a new draft or a reply, forward etc).
  • Added 'Decode Embedded UU' menu command to 'Message' menu.
  • 'Copy To' mailbox can now be 'INBOX'.
  • Fixed an intermittent bug in which some 'Mailbox' menu items were greyed out when server window was selected.
  • Fixed problems with dragging addresses from the address book to an address field in a draft window that would sometimes result in addresses being lost when the field did nick-name resolution.
  • Fixed bug in UU decode.

v1.2.2 : 19-June-1997

Minor Changes
  • When 'Spaces per Tab' is non-zero, shift/option/control-tab will cycle between text fields.
  • Changed behaviour of 'Copy to Mailbox' so that if the first entry in 'Places to Search for Mailboxes' in the Network prefs is '*', the popup in the draft window will be correctly setup.
  • Removed redundant 'Copy Attachments' checkbox from Outgoing prefs panel.
  • Replaced numeric network error codes with textual description.
  • Changed behaviour of 'Places to Search' entries so that now, if an entry ends in '*' or '%' the directory separator is not automatically appended. Thus putting '~/Mail' in this field will result in a mailbox list of '~/Mail/*' ie all mailboxes and sub-hierarchies in '~/Mail/'. Using '~/Mail/%' will match only the first level of hierarchy in '~/Mail/'.
  • Fixed a bug that would produce incorrect encoding for files without a MIME map in Internet Config.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause message sending to fail if DNS lookup of local machine name failed.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause problems with address books if the user's default window state (in their prefs file) had one or other of the single or group lists hidden.
  • Fixed bug in which Edit menu commands were not properly updated when using shift-arrow keys in text fields.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash if a message with an empty address list is displayed in a mailbox window.
  • Fixed bug in which header text would be corrupted after a message was deleted but 'Allow Deleted Messages to be Opened' was on.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash if a misformed RFC1522 header appeared in a message.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause incorrect screen updating of text after a delete.
  • Fixed a bug in which 'Speak Messages as they Arrive' spoke all messages marked as recent rather than just the new recent messages.
  • Fixed some minor bugs with importing pine address books.

v1.2.1 (Special Customer Release Only) : 24-May-1997

Major changes (Only available in this version, other versions will not have these features)
  • Added code to lock 'From:' field as test for customer.
  • This version is pre-registered for Cutomer.
Minor Changes
  • Changing the user ID now forces server to logout and prevents sending mail until new user ID has been validated by successful logon.
  • Change to server address now invalidates sending mail until successful login.
  • A failure to login now invalidates sending mail until successful login.
  • Changed draft window so that the Copy To mailbox is correctly restored when logging back into the server when 'Remember Chosen Copy Mailbox' is off.
  • Changed format of multipart boundary string.
  • Fixed a bug in which attachments went into the wrong hierarchy if a multipart or message attachment higher in the list was collapsed.
  • Fixed bug in which SMTP error response text was not being shown in error dialog.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when importing a pine address book with duplicate email addresses.
  • Fixed problem with daylight savings not being accounted for in dates of outgoing messages.
  • Fixed bug in which message text display in already open message and draft windows was not updated after prefs change.
  • Fixed bug in which styled text could be pasted and dragged into a text field. Now only mono-style is allowed (at least until we support text/enriched & text/html - coming soon to an email client near you!).
  • Fixed bug in which lowercase hex digits in quoted-printable text were incorrectly decoded.
  • Add All button now works in file attach dialog.
  • Fixed bug that would allow file text part's diamond button in draft window to be clicked.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash if double-clicking a diamond button in draft parts table with no selection.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent '\' characters being quoted in outgoing mail addresses.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause UID value to be displayed instead of message size.

v1.2 : 09-May-1997

Major changes
  • Major change to licensing scheme to synchronise with Win32 version. Old license keys will not work. Current owners will receive new registration.
  • WASTE support added. This means >32K text in message and draft windows, plus improved text selection/navigation via keyboard.
  • New parts/attachment list in draft window. The new list looks exactly like the list in the incoming message window and is fully hierarchic. New menu choices allow you to insert additional editable text parts or multiparts into the parts list. File attachments can be added using the button or menu. If a single multipart part is selected when adding a text, multipart or file attachment, the new attachement is put into the selected multipart, other wise the new attachment is inserted at the top level. The diamond buttons can be used to select which editable text part to display in the text area of the window. Drag and drop is supported within the list and to lists in other draft windows. Messages can be dragged from a mailbox into the list to create a message/rfc822 part. Parts from an incoming message window can be dragged into the list to add them to an outgoing message. Incoming parts included in outgoing messages require the IMAP server to remain open. (The actions in this table are as yet not undoable).
  • New 'Properties' menu item added to Edit menu. Currently this allows infomation about parts in either incoming or outgoing message windows to be viewed or edited respectively.
Minor Changes
  • Printout header now shows the email address as well as the name of the message sender.
  • AppleDouble parts now show the name of the first sub-part in the incoming message window.
  • When resolving group names in a collapsed address field in a draft window, the field is automatically expanded if there is more than one entry in the group.
  • text/html & text/enriched can now be viewed as plain text in incoming messages.
  • When choosing an application for file mapping, the file type popup menu will now default to a type other than 'APPL'.
  • User can now choose to have attachments automatically saved to a default directory with a default name when downloaded, or choose to have the standard file dialog appear to rename and locate a directory for the file. This is controlled via the'Attachments' prefs panel.
  • Downloaded attachments can now be opened with their appropriate application. User can choose whether this always happens on download, or whether they get a choice to open, or whether it never happens. This is controlled via the'Attachments' prefs panel.
  • Changed all dialogs and windows to Greyscale Appearance classes.
  • Now uses IMAP4 'CLOSE' command when expunging and closing a mailbox.
  • Can now print visible text part in draft message.
  • Can now speak visible text part in draft message.
  • There are now separate preferences speech configurations for incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Date sorting now takes time zone into account.
  • New Preference: 'Quote whole Message if no Selection' in Message prefs. If this is on and there is no selection in the message window, replying will automatically quote the whole message. Also, replying from the mailbox window will quote the whole message if this is on.
  • 'Select All' now deselects all items if they were all selected.
  • Support for IMAP4 'Draft' flag added. This will be useful when postponing drafts to a mailbox (a feature to be added in the future).
  • 'Select by Flag' item added to Edit menu to allow all messages with the same flag set or unset to be simultaneously selected.
  • Can now create a 'Cc' column in the mailbox window and sort by it.
  • Can now create a 'Thread' column in the mailbox window and sort by it. This column will display the message's subject. Sorting on this column will sort by date and group by subject. This results in messages being sorted the same way an NNTP news reader would.
  • Added underlining as a text style option to 'Display' prefs.
  • New Preference: 'Multiple Addresses' styles in Display prefs. Any addresses listed in the mailbox window will have the choosen text style if the message actually contains more than one of this type of address.
  • New Preferences added for changing the font and size of all text displayed in a list in any of the main windows. This preference can be overridden by the list font set in InternetConfig. The row heights of each list are automatically adjusted to accommodate the new font size. The column widths are not adjusted.
  • Message window can now be increased in width to accommodate larger fonts.
  • Indenting in the draft window will no longer insert a space between indent levels (i.e. you get '>>> quote' as opposed to '> > > quote').
  • Hitting the space bar when a message window is active will scroll through the message body one page at a time, and then move to the next message when the end of the current message is reached. Holding down the option key as well will delete the current message before displaying the next one.
  • If a message is sent while logged off the IMAP server and a 'Copy to' mailbox is selected, an alert will appear after the message is sent allowing the user to either login (and then have te message copied), close the message, or leave the message open (so that it can be locally saved or resent).
  • Message window disclosure triangles are disabled if address fits on a single line (i.e. twisting down is pointless). This also means that single line fields are now wrapped to width of display.
  • When displaying a smart address in a mailbox window column, empty 'From:' addresses are no longer displayed - the first 'To:' address is used instead.
  • Mail checking no longer occurs while logged off to prevent dialup connections being started when not wanted.
  • Now allows seen, important, answered and draft flags to be set when the mailbox is read-only.
  • The 'name=' parameter is now sent with all MIME attachments if the attachment name is not empty.
  • Now looks to see on startup whether Map Control Panel has been set and warns the user if not.
  • Mail checking now occurs at the interval specified in prefs, but Mulberry will wait for user keyboard & mouse button actions to pause for 2 secondsw before doing the check. Previously a keyboard or mouse button event would totally reset the check timer.
  • Address book group entries now keep 'friendly names' when an address is dropped on them. i.e. entries such as '"Cyrus Daboo" <xx@example.com>' instead of the plain email address now appear.
  • Disabled Print menu item when address book window is active.
  • Decoding of embedded BinHex now works properly.
  • Proper error alert now occurs when a message's text is too large to be read into memory.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause invalid preferences when InternetConfig was not installed.
  • Fixed a bug in nick-name resolution that would cause corruption of address book entries if a draft message were sent using the menu command (rather than the button) and there was an unresolved nick-name in one of the address fields.
  • Fixed a bug in which a recurring alert would appear if the connection to the server was dropped and Mulberry tried to tickle the server after 25 mins inactivity.
  • Fixed problems with recovery when running out of memory during mailbox open.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the IMAP connection to close when deleting a mailbox that was currently selected on the server.
  • Fixed problem with empty 'Include' character in prefs.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash if a message was copied or appended to an open mailbox which was showing a subset of messages and then opened from the mailbox window.
  • Synchronising preferences with InternetConfig was wrong in the past. Previously only the multi-user prefs were updated to the current IC settings on launch. Other prefs were only updated by toggling the 'Use Internet Config' button in the prefs dialog. Now the prefs are updated to the current IC values whenever a prefs file is read in.
  • Fixed a bug in which the default window state resources in the application file were not being properly initialised and used.
  • Fixed bug relating to addresses which have a local-part that is quoted (e.g. "cd102:cyrus"@sitename). Previously the quotes were stripped when displayed and also sent via SMTP.
  • If a network related error occurs while closing mailbox windows (either manually or when application quits or server logged off) the window will now close without the action being carried out. This prevents an infinite loop problem.
  • Size popup menu now has correct title.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash if a new group or address were created in an address book and the application immediately quit with the address book being saved on quit.
  • Fixed memory leak that would occur if any MIME mappings existed in a preference file.
  • Fixed synchronisation problem that would cause a crash if an unsolicited Expunge was sent by the server if Mulberry had not requested it itself. Also EXISTS & RECENT server responses are similarly treated. This should fix an intermittent bug in updating the mailbox window after a mail check, and improve behaviour with shared mailboxes.
  • Fixed a bug with importing Eudora addresses if two email addresses were the same.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause copied messages to not be deleted if new mail had arrived just before the copy operation.
  • Fixed display of draft flag in mailbox window when message was selected.
  • Fixed bug in which INBOX could appear twice in server list.
  • Fixed problem with duplicate address books files being opened when a prefs file with a default address book entry was opened in the Finder. This fix now results in non-duplicate default address books files being opened whenever a preference file is changed (via the Finder or prefs dialog).
  • Fixed bug that would cause 'Speak Messages as they Arrive' to speak too many.
  • Fixed bug that caused wrap length to always be 76 regardless of the prefs setting.
  • Fixed bug in quoted-printable encoding that would hard wrap all text to 76.
  • Fixed bug that could cause window ordering problems after printing.

v1.1 : 28-Nov-1996

Major Changes
  • Native OpenTransport networking added through socket/stream based interface to allow easy porting to other platforms.
  • IMAP4 & IMAP4rev1 support added. Mulberry now uses IMAP4 or IMAP4rev1 commands when it recognises that it is connected to an IMAP4 or IMAP4rev1 server. This has a number of implications:
    • Copying (appending) a draft message to a mailbox now sets the seen flag (as opposed to leaving it unseen).
    • Mulberry will display different mailbox icons in the server window based on the mailbox name attributes returned with each mailbox listing.
  • Can now specify a port for IMAP & SMTP servers different from the default ports. To do this type ':' followed by the port number after the server address in the prefs.
  • Support added for AppleSingle/AppleDouble encoding/decoding as specified in RFC1740.
  • Added support for RFC1522 style encoded RFC822 header in outgoing/incoming messages. Header lines in outgoing messages will now use ISO-8859-1/Quoted-Printable encoding where necessary. Header lines in incoming messages can be decoded from US-ASCII/ISO-8859-1 using Quoted_Printable/Base64.
  • Import/export of Eudora and Netscape address books completed.
  • Message-ID field now generated in outgoing mail headers.
  • Major speed improvements to the handling of a large number of mailboxes.
  • Speech synthesis enhanced:
    • Can now specify which parts of a message are read, and the user can specify the introductory text for each part.
    • New mail alert can speak user defined text (including number of new messages).
    • Selected messages in the mailbox window can be read.
    • New messages can be automatically read when they arrive if INBOX is open.
Minor Changes
  • Improved reporting of file and disk related errors.
  • Added default window settings for all windows. If a resource is in the app it will use that as the default. If a resource is in the prefs file it will override the app's resource.
  • Status window now has balloon help.
  • IMAP status now reverts to 'Not Connected' when logged out.
  • Made floating window WDEF non-purgeable to prevent potential Systems errors.
  • In multi-user mode, each time a user successfully logs on to the IMAP server, the return address is reset using the user id used to logon. This prevents a bug in which a mistyped user id was used for the return address. The automatic updating of the return address continues until the user 'OK's a preferences dialog, after which the return address is not changed on logon.
  • IMAP4 '*OK [ALERT] ' messages are now shown to the user in an alert box.
  • A '*' on a line by itself in 'Places to Search for Mailboxes' in the Network prefs can be used to represent the user's default (home) directory.
  • Server
    • An alert is presented to the user when they close the server window giving the option of closing the window, cancelling or quitting from Mulberry.
    • Failure to open a mailbox because it is not a selectable mailbox (eg it is a directory) will result in the mailbox icon changing in the server window.
  • Mailbox
    • New message flag to indicate 'recent' messages - those that have appeared since the last time the mailbox was selected or checked.
    • When oldest unseen is chosen and there are no unseen messages, the mailbox is opened at the end.
  • Message (incoming)
    • Reply To All command-key equivalent added (cmd-K).
    • Single attachments in parts list in message windows now have their own icon.
    • Message/rfc822's in parts list now display body octet count in size column and sub-message subject in Name column to aid viewing of digests.
    • Extracting a multipart attachment (by double-clicking or dragging to the Finder) now extracts all its sub-parts.
    • Message window captions/buttons now updated if new mail arrives.
    • Subject field in message window now correctly wraps the subject text to the width of the box. Also, this text can be vertically scrolled by clicking and dragging.
    • Some fields moved slightly in message window to prevent text overwriting 'To' address when message number is four figures.
  • Message (outgoing)
    • Quote header line no longer appears in a draft message preceded by a quotation character.
    • A new icon appears at the bottom right of a draft message window header area when the message has been successfully sent at least once. In most cases this will not be seen as the draft is closed after sending, but if a send or a 'Copy To' operation fails then the draft will remain open. The icon then indicates whether it failed during a send (the icon won't appear) or during the 'Copy To' (the icon will appear).
    • 'Copy To' items in draft window appear/disappear based on logon/off state of server.
    • Draft messages remain dirty if a 'Copy To' operation fails but the message is sent (the new icon will appear in this case).
  • Address Book
    • Deleting addresses from a group can now be done by selecting and typing delete or using delete button.
    • Adding addresses to a group which is expanded no longer collapses the group in the list.
  • Fixed bug in RFC822 header date generation in time-zones other than UTC.
  • Fixed bug where lines longer than 8K would cause a -23006 error or IMAP parse error.
  • Sender checkbox in prefs now remembers its setting.
  • Fixed bug in which 8bit MIME encoded messages were not mapped from ISO-8859-1.
  • Fixed a problem where old versions of the Speech Manager would cause a Type 11 error when launching the PPC native version of Mulberry.
  • Fixed a bug in which the mailbox window was not updated if the new mail alert was left on-screen for longer than the check interval and no more new mail arrived in that time.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Type 11 errors when expunging a mailbox showing a subset of messages.
  • Fixed a bug in which deleted messages with an open message window would cause a crash when the mailbox was expunged. Now deleted message windows are closed before expunge (this /includes sub-message windows).
  • Fixed bug with undo 'Paste as Quotation'.
  • Fixed bug when importing pine address book.
  • Fixed bug causing an error when an address book is saved to a Novell file server.

v1.0.1 : 25-Sep-1996

  • Added GURL alert when launching. GURL event postponed until successful startup completed. This helps when processing GURL events generated buy the ICeTEe extension when Mulberry has to be launched.
  • Fixed problem where missing 'Awin' resource in an address book would cause it to open with its title bar hidden behind the menu bar. Also 'vers' resource was not always updated.

v1.0 : 20-Sep-1996

  • First full release.