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Latest Releases

Mulberry v4.0.8

MulberryAdmin v4.0.2

Mac OS: v4.0

v4.0: 20-May-2005

  • Added support for local, http/webcal, WebDAV and CalDAV based calendaring.
  • Full unicode support, including two-byte script support.
  • Completely new set of 'modern' icons.
  • Configurable toolbars.
  • Mailbox pane quick search option.
  • Basic calendar scheduling via email (iMIP) support added.
  • New Draft window layout with simple Attachments list option instead of full parts.
  • Draft window now supports per-draft custom identity.
  • Various HCI changes to clean-up UI.
  • Tweaked default fonts for better sizes.
  • Added new button in mailbox Details dialog to force rebuild of local mailbox data.
  • Added 'All' rules toolbar button.
  • Added new 'Selection Only' search criteria for rules to ensure manually applied rule will only operate on selected messages.
  • Long/unicode file names for attachments etc now supported.
  • Added support RFC2231 encoding of MIME parameters.
  • Bounce command renamed to Redirect.
  • Spelling Options moved into preferences dialog.
  • Now picks up proper file icons from Finder in attachments lists.
  • New buttons added to address book pane for clearer operation.
  • Reworked draft window layout for cleaner UI shifting some controls to toolbar buttons.
  • Can view certificate of mailbox servers via Details dialog.
  • Added option to turn off LDAP lookups if a match in a local address book has been found.
  • Improved 8-bit header display fallback.
  • Added new option to do automatic connect when waking from sleep if active network adapter is found.
  • Fixed bugs with Font preferences panel.
  • Fixed bug with failure to read signature from a file.
  • Fixed bug with drafts not being marked as dirty and not doing save as when closed.
  • Fixed bug with =5F in q-p encoded MIME headers.
  • Fixed bug with behaviour of Move Now command.
  • Fixed bug with size of fields in spell add dialog.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect context menus in rules manager window.
  • Fixed bug with illegal sieve syntax when using grouped search criteria.
  • Fixed bug with file type display in edit mappings dialog.
  • Fixed bug with missing CA certs.
  • Fixed bug with crash when closing certain mailboxes.
  • Fixed bug with missing HTML4 entity mappings.
  • Fixed bug with saving attachments to pre-defined directory.
  • Fixed bug with use of temp files that can result in a hang.
  • Fixed bug with AppleSingle/Double encoding.
  • Fixed bug with improper transfer of real name when using admin configured version.
  • Fixed bug with inability to send when SMTP account is not properly set in identity.
  • Fixed bug with inability to drag attachments to the Finder.
  • Fixed bug with default preferences file name.
  • Fixed bug with failure to reset connection on initial timeout.
  • Fixed bug with address book delete not clearing out address book preview pane.
  • Fixed bug with mm/dd dd/mm date formats.
  • Fixed bug with generated HTML AHREFs.
  • Fixed bug with gpg v1.4 and key names.
  • Fixed bug with failure to include OS X address book multiple emails in address expansion.
  • Fixed bug with parsing URLs in HTML.
  • Fixed bug with keyboard shortcuts for 3-pane modes.
  • Fixed bug with useless preferences upgrade alert.
  • Fixed bug with failure to parse broken MIME parameter lists.
  • Fixed bug with address expansion of non-email addressees.
  • Fixed bug with address book capture popup in prefs.
  • Fixed bug with sounds being listed multiple times in sound popup.