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Latest Releases

Mulberry v4.0.8

MulberryAdmin v4.0.2

Mac OS: v4.0.1

v4.0.1: 29-July-2005

  • IMAP label names can now be customised.
  • New quick search active icon indicator added.
  • Calendar accounts can be dragged in calendar store view to re-order them.
  • New admin tool for v4.
  • Fixed bug with failure to print in the mailbox pane.
  • Fixed bug with missing items in help.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect version number.
  • Fixed bug with inline decrypt/verify not changing message text.
  • Fixed bug with quick search state restore when switching tabs.
  • Fixed bug with non-ascii characters in application path name.
  • Fixed bug with various edit fields in dialogs not being editable.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect wrapping when using certain fonts.
  • Fixed bug with crashes when replying/forwarding messages when the original message mailbox is reset.
  • Fixed bug with missing spelling plugin causing a crash in preferences dialog.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect line end encoding in generated iCalendar data.
  • Fixed bug with scroll bar arrows moving more than one line at a time.
  • Fixed bug with failure to expand multiple emails from OS X address book.
  • Fixed bug causing a crash when an empty webcal URL was used.
  • Fixed bug with recurring calendar items not always including the initial instance in the recurrence set.
  • Fixed bug when dealing with x509 certs with multiple email addresses.
  • Fixed bugs with spelling checking of non-ascii text.