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Latest Releases

Mulberry v4.0.8

MulberryAdmin v4.0.2

Mac OS: v4.0.3

v4.0.3: 19-August-2005

  • Added draft auto-save/recovery feature.
  • Attachments and files can be dragged into draft text to attach to draft.
  • Fixed bug with utf8 file names.
  • Fixed bug with cmd-right-arrow in text.
  • Fixed bug with option-arrow move by word in text.
  • Fixed bug with dragging into empty attachments list.
  • Fixed bug with word wrap when inserting space in first word on a line.
  • Fixed bug with titles in attachments list.
  • Fixed bug with case-insenstive test of http headers.
  • Fixed bug with tab at end of text.
  • Fixed bug with grey background on prints.
  • Fixed bug with 3-pane focus after switching email/contact/calendar modes.
  • Fixed bug with missing name on calendar attachments.