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Latest Releases

Mulberry v4.0.8

MulberryAdmin v4.0.2

Win32: v4.0.2

v4.0.2: 12-August-2005

  • Added new option to scroll mailbox pane to show new unseen messages.
  • Message size warning alert now /includes the numeric size of the message.
  • Fixed bug with webcal prompt when calendars disabled by admin.
  • Fixed bug with missing xml tag at start of xml document.
  • Fixed bug with HTTP servers that do not support OPTIONS method.
  • Fixed bug with CalDAV multiget report being run without any hrefs.
  • Fixed bug with empty quick search text causing a match operation.
  • Fixed bug with non-ascii signature files.
  • Fixed bug with PGP9 support.
  • Fixed bug with non-ascii characters in registration details.
  • Fixed bug with quick search saved search popup not updating when new saved search is created.
  • Fixed bug with curly quotes being sent in plain text messages.
  • Fixed bug with various text lists being truncated when saving preferences.
  • Fixed bug with a crash when sending a message.
  • Fixed bug with address book pane state not being saved.
  • Fixed bug with task status not changing when task is marked as completed.
  • Fixed bug with maring task complete via context menu.